Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas- One Big Party

So our Christmas started out on the 23rd. My sisters came into town and we had a mini family Christmas dinner before the boys and I left to Arizona. Giving my family a chance to give the boys their Christmas presents and giving me my new camera!! One of the best gifts of the night was the crossbow that Noah and Nick gave to Taylor. The entire night everyone kept playing with it. Josh being the best shot asked me if we could play William Tell, but with a coke can. Of course since it is just suction darts I couldn't say no.

Christmas Eve we went to a Christmas party at Collin's cousins house. Stacey and George are so wonderful they even got Santa to come bring presents to the kids! Nick stood in on almost every santa picture taken. And all the little girls there were so smitten with Riley, she was the hit of the party (after Santa of course). 

Christmas morning Collin's family came over to our house for presents. Noah was so excited to open presents he sat in front of the tree just watching it. Until it was time to open presents of course! Nick and Noah just wanted to play with their old toys and the Hot Wheels Set that Santa left out for them.

Noah got these really cool drinking glasses from Aunt Cathy, I love how something so simple brings so much joy to a child's life.

Then Nana Nelson came over with some gifts for the boys just after lunch time, and then for dinner we all met at Courtney's house for you guessed it MORE PRESENTS!!! 

Sunday morning we went out to my aunt Gretchen's house for a yummy breakfast with Michelle, Dana, Tracy and Zef (Michelle's Grandpa). Tracy had a special surprise sent from my dad. A replica of his dog Frank. The real Frank wasn't quite sure what to make of the metal dog, but everyone else loved metal Frank.

 Nick likes to look pretty once in awhile

Then that night we had a Birthday/Christmas dinner for Noah with Collins extended family. 

Can you see Noah just digging in!

And of course we had to have one last party for Uncle Spencer's Birthday! 
That's a twenty on his cake. Two candles and a Zero. lol

We had so much fun in Arizona, the boys loved being able to see their dad and all of that family and most especially Bonnie! She has been missed so much while we have been in Vegas by one little boy who NEVER let her leave his side. 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

One Lucky Duck!

So I am very lucky this holiday season! Not only did we have a great Christmas down in Arizona but I won TWO (count them 1, 2) Holiday giveaways! Go ME!! First from  Some What Simple, with her Christmas Giveaway. 12 days, 78 prizes. Thank you Steph and also Lil Stein Styles for my $30 to your shop!

And from The Creative Goddess for her Birthday Giveaway, I won a Hodge Podge of Mod Podge! I can't wait to get this and get Mod Podging! Thanks Amy for Mod Podge Rocks for introducing me to this wonderful blog!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

12 Days Of Christmas

I recently found out that the 12 Days Of Christmas is NOT just a fun song, and a way to con more presents out of the month of December! It is a song about Christ; and how the Christians of olden days would help remember him with out being persecuted. So they came up with this clever little song.

The song starts out with the first day of Christmas my True Love gave to Me. 
True Love being God and Me being every christian. 

A Partridge in a Pear Tree = Jesus
Two Turtle Doves = The Old and New Testaments
Three French Hens = Faith Hope and Love
Four Calling Birds = the 4 Gospels (Matthew Mark Luke and John- their books not the people)
Five Golden Rings = The First 5 books of the Old Testament or Hebrew Torah (which is Hebrew Law)
Six Geese A Laying = 6 days of creation
Seven Swans A Swimming = 7 Gifts of the Holy Spirit
                                          Prophecy, Ministry, Teaching,  Exhortation, Giving , Leading, Compassion
Eight Maids of Milking = the 8 Beatitudes 
                                      Blessed are the poor in Spirit; for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.
                                      Blessed are the meek; for they shall possess the Land.
                                      Blessed are they who mourn; for they shall be comforted.
                                      Blessed are they that hunger & thirst after justice; for they shall have their fill.
                                      Blessed are the merciful; for they shall obtain mercy.
                                      Blessed are the clean of heart; for they shall see God.
                                      Blessed are the Peace Makers; for they shall be called the children of God.
                                      Blessed are they that suffer persecution for justice sake; for theirs is the Kingdom                                         
                                                      of Heaven.
Nine Ladies Dancing = The Fruits of the Holy Ghost (Gal 5:22) 
               Love, Joy, Peace, Long-suffering, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, Self-control.
Ten Lords A Leaping = Ten Commandments
Eleven Pipers Piping = 11 Faithful apostles
Twelve Drummers Drumming = 12 Points of the Apostles Creed

             1) I believe in God, the Father almighty, creator of heaven and earth. 

             2) I believe in Jesus Christ, his only Son, our Lord.

             3) He was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary. 

             4) He suffered under Pontius Pilate, was crucified, died, and was buried. He descended into hell     

                        [the grave]. 

             5) On the third day he rose again. He ascended into heaven, and is seated at the right hand of the 


             6) He will come again to judge the living and the dead. 

             7) I believe in the Holy Spirit,

             8) the holy catholic Church,

             9) the communion of saints, 

           10) the forgiveness of sins, 

           11) the resurrection of the body, 

           12) and life everlasting.

I did find this great site that gave a little meaning along with some scripture that talks more about each day of the Twelve Days of Christmas.  By Dennis Bratcher

I hope that you found this as interesting as I did.

Melted Snowman Cookies

This just might be one of my new favorite winter cookies! I love how cute these cookies turned out. I got the recipes and ideas from Smashed Peas and Carrots.

Sugar Cookies
1/3 cup cold butter
1/3 cup shortening
3/4 cup sugar
1 tsp baking powder
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla
2 cups all purpose flour

Beat butter and shortening with an electric mixer for about 30 seconds on high speed.  Add in sugar, baking powder and a dash of salt.  Beat until combined.  Add in egg and vanilla and continue mixing.  Add in the flour 1/2 cup at a time, you may need to hand stir the remaining 1/2 cup.  Lightly flour your rolling surface and place half your dough on top.  Flip your dough a few times to get it nicely coated with flour.  Flour your rolling pin and then roll out your dough 1/8 to 1/4 inch in thickness and cut your shapes.  Place on a greased cookie sheet and bake at 375 for 7-8 minutes or just until the cookies edge is firm and the bottom of the cookie is a very light golden brown.  Cool on a rack and ice!!

Sugar Cookie Icing
1 cup powdered sugar
2 teaspoons milk
2 tsp corn syrup
1/2 teaspoon extract (vanilla or almond!)

Add your powdered sugar to a medium sized bowl and to that bowl add your milk and your corn syrup.  Mix well.  Then add your extract and slowly add more milk and corn syrup until you get the consistency you prefer.  More runny for flooding or more thick for well, a more thick icing!

For the snowman- put the big marshmallows in the microwave for 25 secs. Then add to top of cookie and decorate with sprinkles

TIP: Spray hands with pam for easier handling of the partial melted mellows

Noah had to finish his dinner before he was allowed one

Now the boys are singing Once There Was A Snowman


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Keeping Christ In Christmas

Growing up my Grandma Zobrist would always give the grandkids, 12 days of christmas presents. The last one always being pajamas to wear christmas eve. As we have grown up and she passed away the only part of that tradition that my family has carried on is giving pajamas on christmas eve. And that is usually the only present that we were allowed to open.
I LOVE the idea of the 12 days of christmas, but I have noticed that each year it is harder and harder to keep christ in christmas. I so easily get so caught up in shopping, baking, wrapping, the parties that I forget about christ. The whole reason that we EVEN have christmas!
So in church this past week we were talking about ways that we can help keep Christ in Christmas and one lady said she has a friend that every night leading up to christmas her family sings a song and reads a scripture about Christ. I decided, that is what I want to do with my kids. What a great way to help bring the spirit of Christ into your house each and everyday!
Unfortunately I coud not find a site or any place on-line that already had picked out scriptures and songs to go together for such an occasion. So this is my make-shift list, which I am sure as the years go on will be updated and fixed into something much much better. And these are not in any particular order yet. One day (prob next year) I will get that fixed too.
If you have any thoughts on songs with scriptures please let me know!

1. Luke 2:15-16 with Little Town Of Bethlehem

2. Helaman 14: 4-6 Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem

3. Matt 11:11 We Three Kings

4. Luke 2: 9-12 Angels We Have Heard On High

5. Luke 2:7 What Child Is This

6. Matt 1: 20-25 Josephs Song (Michael Card)

7. Isaiah 7:14 Mary Did You Know

8. Luke 2: 8-11 Do You Hear What I Hear

9. Luke 2:4 Little Donkey, Little Donkey

10. Helaman 14:4 O Holy Night

11. Alma 7:10 Mary Sweet Mary

12. 2 Nephi 19:6 Silent Night

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Magic Christmas Tree

One of my favorite christmas memories growing up was the magic christmas tree.
Every year my dad would choose one lucky child to be the very special picker of the magic christmas tree seed. He would have a variety of cool seeds he found; ranging from avocado to olive to whatever else he thought would work. We would all go out as a family, bury the seed go back in for a movie and treat and right before bed we would check on our tree to see if it had grown, and guess what within hours it had! And then when we would wake up in the morning a full grown christmas tree would be there waiting for us to bring inside and decorate. (we never noticed that the tree didn't have any roots or the fact that my dad could easily pick it up or that the tree sometimes would be leaning on the side of the house to keep from falling down.

Anyways, so when I had Noah, i vowed that my son would get to know the pleasure of the magic christmas tree. So tonight, we went on a seed hunt. We walked all over Grandma Shells front yard looking for that special seed. And Noah found it sitting right next to the clay turtle named Shelly. Noah was so excited that he found one, Nick was excited that Noah was excited. Then we went out back, dug a hole and planted our special seed and then gave it some water and a little kiss. (You have to kiss the tree/seed to make it grow) 
We went inside, made a cake, had a picnic dinner and watched All Dogs Go To Heaven: A Christmas Carol. And when Noah went out to check on the seed, sure enough it had started to grow. Then again we check the seed after baths and scriptures and it was even taller!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thankful For...

I wanted to do a thankful post, but with two very active little boys and family coming into town I didn't get this done before Thanksgiving. Just know that I am thankful for everyone and everything in my life. These are just a few things and they are in no particular order.

1. First and formost, God.
He has given me so much strength and help in the last month I know that I would not have been able to do what needed to be done without him. He truly is amazing.
2. My mother.
My mother has always been a hero of mine. Now more than ever. She gets up and makes breakfast for my boys almost every morning. She has sat and cried with me and listen to me vent and pushed me to get off my butt and pray and read my scriptures.
3. My father.
Growing up, my dad was never around much and when he was you had to stay out of his way. He has been so kind and gentle, never raising his voice to my boys, or getting upset with them. He has even picked up Nick while he cried and tried to make him laugh. My father has grown into the father he always could have been.
4. Noah.
He makes me so mad, but then within seconds he can make me laugh. He is so stubborn and hard headed, but I love him for it. He will always give me a hug and a kiss and tell me to take a deep breath. He is what saved me from myself.
5. Nicklaus.
Was part of my family before I even knew he existed. He was sent from heaven to keep me grounded and sane. He is the glue of our small little family. His smile lights up my world and his "I Love Yous" melt my heart.
6. Car.
I have now had my car for just over 5 years, it is now paid off. And working wonderfully (thank you to my mother for that!) I am so lucky to be able to have a car at my disposal when so many people do not. It keeps me warm, it sings to me and also keeps the sun out of my eyes (thank you limo tint!)
7. My New Ward
Moving is hard. Starting over is hard. Having your life on hold, is hard. But my new ward has welcomed me in with so much love. I have NEVER felt so welcomed by so many people that I don't know. They are what the gospel is all about. I am thankful to be blessed with such a ward right now.
8. Sara.
Thank you so much for your friendship. You have always been there for me. Even after all these years I still feel your love for me. We can go a year without talking and see each other and it seems like nothing has changed (besides our weight and # of children lol) I love you and appreciate  your friendship so much.
9. Courtney
You have been my best friend for so many years, you've seen me at my best and worst and love me no matter what. Thank you for lending me ears, chocolate, clothes, children, cars, money, whatever I need I know you are always there for me. I love you so much and you are my sister from another mister. (even if you don't read my blog!)
10. Miracles
Like Driving to Vegas on a flat tire, that never went flat. And letting my battery work long enough to get me here. Having people to count on when you need someone to count on. For those little moments when the boys are quite and I can sit and think! Miracles are around every day, its just a matter of opening your eyes to see them
11. The Sun
Oh how I miss you! I am thankful for the sun, who shines its beams on me! Keeps my warm, provides me with so much joy (and tans!)
12. Arizona
I never thought that I could love a different state more than Nevada. But I do. I am thankful that it has felt like home there since I first arrived. I am thankful that there is almost no wind there and has lots of sun!
13. Chocolate
Need I say more
14. The Temple.
I am going there someday. I am thankful to have it so close to my home. That I can just go and get the comfort and the peace that I need. That I can feel the spirit so strong and that I know God is there and that he knows and loves me.
15. The Gospel
I am thankful to have the gospel in my life. It too brings so much joy and peace and family to me. I know that this church is true and I am thankful to be one of the many saints to understand and live the gospel so that I may return back to my heavenly father.
16. Collin
I am thankful to have him as my husband. We don't always get along and we have had some horrible times. But we have had some good times. I will always be thankful for him no matter what happens to our marriage.
17. Collins Family
They took me in as my own, loved me. Loved my boys. I could not have asked for better in-laws. Thank you for everything you all mean so much to me.
18. Sewing Machines
You have been one of my many saving graces the last couple of weeks. I love how you can just sit down and within hours you have a work of art. or something completely un-useful but so cute!
19. Devin & Jared.
Thankful for them who would get up with my children and keep them entertained! Jared for taking such good care of them so I had the chance to spend some time with my sisters.
20. Shannon.
She got me hot chocolate and hot fries who could ask for more! Oh and letting me snuggle with her knee :-)
21. Mel
Once I learned that if I stopped stealing her cloths, she would just give them to me, made my life so much easier. And my closet so much cuter! Thank you for the laughs and never letting me get a big head and your cloths.
22. Uggs
Okay not the real ones, but I just accriered a pair of these horrible ugly things and I have fallen in love. They keep my feet so toasty warm, now I have to wonder how I am every going to wear regular shoes again.
23. Books
I am thankful for these many stories about Rose, Mercy, Chloe, Percy, Harry, Dustfinger, Sookie, and the many others that kept me busy and enthralled over and over and over again.
24. The Dentist
Without him I would be toothless and my teeth would look oh so much worse. I am thankful for Dr Simister and Dr Leaver who have spent the better part of my life trying to fix me. Hopefully one day I will be complete
25. Stars
The stars in the sky who provide me with light and hope at night. Who are always burning bright and are always there no matter what. I want to be a star, and I hope that I am to my friends and family. Even if you can't see me, know that I am always there for you. I cover the sky and I carry your dreams, hopes and fears. They will forever be my favorite shape, and burning ball of gas.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Adoption Month

So much to my surprise it is Adoption month. And I am on my way to being the best Auntie to a wonderful little baby, by way of an angel. Not many people get to have babies this way, that is because not everyone is special enough to get handpicked to have a child by God. My sister Devin and her husband Jared are one of those lucky couples. So in keeping with Adoption month, they have devoted their whole blog to adoption; and being the WONDERFUL sister that I am, I volunteered to write my thoughts and feelings about adoption for them. I thought that I would share with you all as well. And to tell you to please check out their blog. Pass it on to your friends and family. God always needs Angels to help do his work, and you could be that angel that helps Devin and Jared have that family they desire.

Devin's Blog

I remember when I was about nine years old and watching my mother give Devin a shot. Sometimes this shot would be in her leg or arm or butt. Almost never in her belly; and while the stomach is the best place to get a shot Devin hated having it done there because she couldn't stand seeing the needle going into herself. One time (and i don't remember who asked) one of us kids asked my mom, why she flicks the needle, turns it upside down and pushes the bubble out. She said because if she left the bubble in the needle then Devin could get a bubble in her butt and that would not be good. Hence why Devin has the nickname Bubble Butt.

I do not remember a time when i didn't know that Devin couldn't have kids. It was just a fact of life. My mom was always straight forth and honest with any questions that we had. Like why Devin got shots every day, why she was so much shorter, what are all the docotrs appointments for and why is she so happy that her bones are eight years old now. Shes ten!
I always knew it was because she had turners syndrome. I never fully understood what turners syndrome was; and even today while I can tell you what it is, and what some of the symptoms are, I don't think I fully understand it completely.
One of the biggest effects of turners syndrome is that the woman can not ever have any kids; her ovaries don't ever develop. Growing up we like to tell Devin that she as lucky she couldn't have kids because she never had to get fat, and she got to pick her kids and she could have the black baby girl that we always wanted! (we love pouffy hair in my family)

It was never a question if Devin was going to adopt, it was when and what kind of baby she is going to get! All of her sisters voted for her to have a little black girl, and her mother would always say that she tought Devin should have a little Asian baby; and my father a Hispanic one. (we want a family of color lol)
That was our own sadistic way of trying to make Devin feel better on those occasional days when you could see she was having a hard time with not being able to have a baby. Devin never felt like she was allowed to cry over it, she never thought that she was allowed to be sad about it, or even mourn. She always put on a brave face, she never cursed the Lord or got mad at anyone else over it. Because of that, she is one of the strongest women I know for having the faith that one day god will give her and Jared a baby. Jared is a strong man for going into a marriage knowing that he can never have his own natural children. Most men wouldn't. Any baby they get is going to be so lucky to have them as parents. Even if Jared does wear the silly toe shoes.

Adoption to me is just one of Gods many miracles. Its his way of being able to turn a storm cloud for one family into a rainbow for another.
Like Jared's mom said 'placing your baby up for adoption is one of the most selfless act someone could do' I agree. It pains me to watch Devin as she try to put on a brave face when another one of her friends or family member get peg and has another baby. Devin was born a mom. She was the mother of Melissa and I growing up. She always is taking care of everyone else and thinks of herself last.
A mother is not someone that gave birth. A mother wipes the tears when they fall. She is up with her children all night when they are sick. She cries for them when they are hurt and cries when they succeed. A mother is a selfless person who puts the needs of her children before her own. Devin has been a mother and grew up in a family who's love is unconditional.
We never doubted that our mother loved us; and I know Devin and Jared's children will never doubt that they love them.
I pray everyday that Devin and Jared will get a baby of their own; and I know without a doubt that they will. I found this poem while cruzing the internet and I think it puts the pain that a soon to be mom feels about waiting to become the new mom.

I’m pregnant but my tummy isn’t showing,
And no one ever calls me “little mom”.
My neighbours simply aren’t overflowing
With questions that I’d handle with aplomb.
There are no special clothes to mark my waiting.
Nobody stops and smile as I pass by.
The absence of a due date is frustrating,
And looking at the nursery makes me cry.
When I’m “overdue”, no one will worry.
The phone won’t ring and ring as friends check in.
I can’t induce my labor in a hurry,
My new life as a parent to begin.
Adoption is a wearisome endeavour,
And waiting all alone is not much fun.
To be “with child” a year seems like forever …
Dear God, we’re ready: please send us our baby.

Thank you so much Devin for letting me be apart of adoption month on your blog. I never had the chance to sit down and think about how i truly felt about adoption. You are an amazing woman and Jared is great too. You are lucky to have found him. I can not wait for you to be blessed with your own child, and I can't wait to be her (I love boys but we need more girls!) favorite aunt.

Because we all know that I am the favorite :-)

Free Silhouette Machine!

Go check out the blog! Jen is giving away a free silhouette machine! In case you don't know what a silhouette is, go check out their site; they are so much cooler than the circuits mainly, because you can hook the machine right up to your computer. That means NO MORE CARTRIDGES! go check it out!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

White Chocolate Raspberry Cake

So last week I was able to sneak my way into Josh's house and cook dinner for him and our friend Amanda. I decided to try a new recipe that looked so DIVINE i just had to do it! And as any of you know when trying a new recipe best not to do it for guests the first time. Oh well. I recommend this one to everyone. You wont be disappointed.

2 pkg (6 squares each) White Chocolate divided
3/4 cup butter softened and divided
1 pkg white cake mix
1 cup milk
3 eggs
2 tsp vanilla divided
1 pkg cream cheese
2 cups powder sugar
raspberry jam
fresh raspberries

Heat oven to 350
grease and flour ( i like wiltons quick cake release best, but any baking spray works) 2 9inch round pans.
Chop half the chocolate place half in med. bowl. Add 1/2 cup butter microwave on high stirring occassionally until butter is melted. Stir until chocolate is completely melted; cool.
Beat cake mix, milk eggs and 1 tsp vanilla and melted chocolate mixture into large bowl until well blended.
Pour batter into pans and bake for 25-28 min. cool cakes in pan for about n10 min then remove from pans to wire racks. Cool completely

Melt remaining chocolate squares as directed on package. (i like the double broiler method best) Beat cream cheese and remaining butter into large bowl with mixer until well blended. Add melted chocolate and remaining vanilla; mix well. Gradually beat in sugar until light and fluffy.

Place 1 cake layer on plate, pipe frosting around the outside edges of the cake to make walls to hold in the jam. then add the jam to cover the center of the cake (about 2-4 tbsp) place the second cake on top and finish frosting. Top with fresh raspberries just before serving.

Hope you enjoy as much as I did!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

D & C 11: 25-26

25-Deny not the spirit of revelation, nor the spirit of prophecy, for wo unto him the denieth these things.
26- Therefore, treasure up in your heart until the time which is in my wisdom that you shall go forth.

While readying this afternoon this particular scripture jumped out and bit me. I never thought of myself have being able to receive revelation. I have always been a member of the church and knew of others who received it. And I never doubted the truth behind their own revelations, promptings, guidance from the lord. I just never thought of myself as being worthy enough to have my own.

Till one day while driving down the street, it hit me that I needed to have another baby. I started laughing because Collin and I had just had a huge fight and I had left the home for about a week and then made him stay over at his mom's house for a week before I would let him move back in. I kept thinking to myself, there is NO WAY we should be having a baby right now!
But the thought wouldn't leave me, and I kept chalking it up to just being baby hungry. Noah was getting older and no longer wanted to sit and cuddle with me, I just wasn't his everything anymore. I told Collin that I wanted to have another baby and to my surprise he said okay. Couple months later I was pregnant with Nickalus Alan. I have had it reassured to me several different times that Nicklaus is supposed to be mine. That he was sent to my family for a specific reason.

This last time that I have received revelation from the Lord I denied it several different times. Finally I said okay, I will get started on leaving Arizona and heading back to Las Vegas. Without my husband. Each and every step I took to prepare myself and my children I had this unwavering peace around me. I had strength that i never knew I had. And one night I got word to leave now. So the next day I fixed my car, started packing somethings and called a friend over to receive a priesthood blessing. In that blessing I felt the spirit stronger than ever that I was on the right track, and that my boys and I would be taken care of.
I knew without a doubt that leaving would be one of the hardest things I EVER had to do. That it wouldn't be like the last times when I would leave for a week, cool off over whatever fight we had. But that when I left I didn't know when or if I would be coming back.
I talked to Collin wed morning. Packed up the car and left. Angels watched over my car as I drove. They surrounded my boys and i every step of the way. and when I pulled up to my mom's house. They walked with me as I dragged two very tired little boys inside. And my father as he helped bring in our stuff felt the spirit and the angels all around us that it brought him to tears.

While the last couple of weeks have been so difficult that it hurts to move and get out of bed sometimes; i know without a doubt that I am where i need to be. I don't know what would have happened if I would have stayed in Arizona and not left when I did. But i do know that i am being blessed for following the spirit and putting my trust in him.

You never know what will happen if you don't follow the promptings of the spirit. Could be as simple as losing a book. Or as devastating as something awful happening to your family because you didn't listen and go when you were told to. Or you will never know why you were told to stay when you wanted to leave. The Lord does work in mysterious ways. I am so thankful everyday for me being worthy enough to receive revelation from the Lord for my family. And for the spirit giving me enough strength to do what is right and follow the gospel.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Off on another adventure

So the boys and I are off on another adventure right now. For the time being we are lucky enough to be back in Vegas and spending some time with my family.

It has been so wonderful the last couple of weeks watching my mom play with Nick and Noah and how it has gone from slowly wonder if grandma shell is okay to letting her comfort them when they get hurt and going with her on shopping adventures.
My dad has never been actively involved in his childrens lifes, but with my boys he has been such a great grandpa. He plays with them and shares his coke and hoho's and will just lay down on the floor and let them crawl all over him. Taking Noah and Nick for rides on his tractor and to feed the chickens.

I am so grateful for my parents and all of their love and support that they have shown me, not just the last couple of weeks; which have been unbelievably hard, but with my whole life. I have never doubted if they ever loved me or not. In all of their words and deeds I knew.
Thank you mom and dad for putting up with me and my rotten boys. I love you guys.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Thanks to my "Favorite" Little Sister 
I will never forget all the unforgettable stories of my childhood.

a zobrist child must instigate a food fight during dinner. this is a time honored rite of passage. mine involved butter. it usually starts begin targeted at alan but soon grows to involve the whole family.

   want to leave your bra around the house? that's fine. but it's bound to end up on our street signs, flying in the wind. or around the rearview mirror on a truck. heck, it might end up there even if you don't leave it about. this is often often referred to as the flying purple bird anomaly.

 leftovers are for the chickens. that's why the chicken bucket was invented. that, and for collecting chicken eggs.

dogs come in gaggles. cats are expendable (thanks dad). dead animals get tree memorials. birds are freezable/microwavable/drunk-
able. tarantulas like windex. cows make great leather couches. snakes enjoy shower drains.  and horses look best against plexiglass surrounded by chlorine water.

always volunteer to do the nightly feedings for the horses- dad has a stash of of candy in the trailer.

nothing says i love you like sackcloth and ashes.
 just ask josh & anna.

you always want dad to make your lunch- he usually includes 4 quarters hidden in the sandwich. just make sure you check before you bite.

christmas is a time of frenzy and fantasy. esp. when you have a magic christmas tree.     instructions: buy a magic christmas seed from a magical traveler (or use an avocado pit- whatevs). plant the seed and check on it hourly. it will rapidly grow into a little branch (that resembles our bushes), then a small bush (which looks awfully like a tree branch) then poof! you have a tree! 

sometimes working in freezing temperatures, cutting up raw chicken with people who don't speak english can teach you valuable life lessons. but more often than not, it doesn't. actually, it never teaches you anything.

when potential suitors approach the zobrist compound, hoping to date one of the girls, the suitor is given an application. he is asked for his SS#, references, intentions he has for the girl in question, and others ("if a chicken is crossing the road across from the zobrist house and a dog walks by, what time is it?) make sure your gun is prominently on display as well.

if you accidently sit on a budding alfalfa bush, do not lie and say a dog sat on it. believe me; it will only end badly for you and your caboose. but not for your sibling’s butts- they turn out to be quite the actors.

if one is ever in possession of a tan van, driving it into the garage door might not be the best way to ensure a driver's license. neither will dragging the truck alongside a trash can or stealing it for mcdonald's runs.

want a fun halloween costume? or just want to try on 'the blue man' group's outfit? cover yourself in blue paint! all the rage these days...

don't steal. but if you do, make sure no video cameras are set up. EXCEPTION: if you leave money lying about, you are just asking for trouble.

square-head, noonie, rb, pineapple, priss, bubblebutt, mother hen, the three little girls, gopher girl and awn are actually endearing nicknames. learn to love them.

general conference was made for cinammon rolls. sundays were made for large dinners and don' be the last NOT IT or else you get to burn your hands while wishing dishes. (Mom's dishwasher has two temps. 2nd degree and 3rd degree- burns that is)

sentiments of affections offer little value here. not that they aren’t wonderful and all gooey-inside making. mom, we know you love us, but what good does that do us?

 when you kill something, you are expected to eat it. thankfully though, mom snuck around this law when making snakeskin stew with chicken (which was delicious). the real stuff, we came to know a few days later, was not quite as delicious.

when you wake up, make sure you turn on the porch light. this will act as a beacon to call your mother back home. just don’t let her catch you eating cheerios on the piano- this will end the lack of parental supervision time you enjoy.

as part of our wonderful ananatomical anonomly, we have built in burgular alarms. our nasal orchestra is loud enough to scare any robbers away.
you know, you might be a parents, but you still might not know how to use a belt properly. this is where know-it-all sons come in handy.

be scared of the belt. or in nate's case, the sword.

kissing your brother is by FAR the worst possible punishment you could ever receive.

red play dough + gun powder + match = one eyed boy + lots of fun.

anything less than a harley is a crime against nature.

if you have a big sister who tells you to do something, think twice. more than likely, she is trying to pawn off some misdeed on you. especially if they involve fake flowers.

holidays were made for coloring breakfast foods. especially oatmeal. although sometimes it turns purple for no good reason, other than your father’s enjoyment.

animals often get names, such as tom the turkey, Helen, or jeanie. bad news is they eventually become dinner. so don’t get too attached. these ones actually were never eaten- tom & helen died of old age. jeanie was so mean she had to be slaughtered (i wonder whose pet THAT was?) but spot the pig was eaten and I am still bitter about that.

dad used to be a little girl. i don’t know how or why or what the particular were, but this singular fact is enough to creep anyone out.

sometimes the boy who cried snake isn’t lying. need proof? wait till his arm poofs up faster than anna can cry.

cursing is NOT to be had in the zobrist household. if will result in getting your mouth washed out with soap and/or hot sauce. EXCEPTION: alan, rachelle, or oscar johnson.

if your dog bo dies, don’t fret! you can always replace him with another- no harm, no foul!

quick duck: the exciting game used by hs students who are followed by their parents while they are on less-

if you, as a father, want to punish your son, do not, i repeat, DO NOT, kick him in the butt. he will poop on you as his punishment for your punishment.

christmas is an extremely magical time. the most prized gift is also the greenest- our money trees, not to be confused with the cash advancing business. twigs are immortalized in cement then decorated with fresh, crisp $1 to be used at jones feed after church for cokes or candy bars.

sometimes throwing a tv on the front walkway won’t break it. no matter how many times you throw it. thankfully, alan discovered he had a gun.

 beware of who you tickle. some people have low tolerance for tickles and you end up getting puke all over you. in all fairness, she did warn you.

when your big brother asks you to sit on his lap while he’s at the piano, RUN! he will hold you there for hours, forcing you to sing, teach you how to conduct, or just hit yourself for hours.

when you emerged from the waterslide (aka- mother' womb after 6 kids), you were given a number. that number is so no one was forgotten. even though anna was (she fell asleep in dad's closet after being punished. we didn't realize she was gone till we were on our way to church. when you have 6 chicklens, it's easy to misplace one or two). numbers are used as following:
         (zobrist kids enter the tan-van)
         mom: count off!
 nate: 1! shannon: 2! 
josh: 3! anna: 4! 
devin: 5!melissa: 6!

horse troughs have multiple purposes. aside from the obvious, they are perfect size hot-tubs, or more aptly put, cold tubs for lounging around. don't worry- no cleaning necessary. They can also be used as fish tanks and live self-
sufficiently on the algae.

did you know the in the leafy treetops, the birds sing ‘good morning’? you know, they usually are the first ones to see the sun so they have to tell everyone. in the pretty garden, the flowers are doing….something. i  don’t remember what- usually at this point, i fall back to bed.

church is a time of reverence. if you are fortunate (and sneaky) enough to hide a treat, do not put it down your pants. this could result in getting gum all over your schnabby. the penis kind, not the neck.

dots on walls are not purely decoration, but unique forms of punishment. when you get in trouble (and let’s face it; you are a zobrist and are bound to get in trouble. unless your devin), you are told to ‘peg it to the wall’. but don’t you dare move! alan knows all…

when in need of lunch money, go ask uncle reed. he is usually good for it. grandpa? Not so much.

the bestest of big brothers take their sisters on their bike to band practice

when killing a turkey, make sure you chop its head completely off. lesson learned: young trey tagliaferri who was a little turkey (pun intended) who made the turkey 'nearly headless'.

beware of the peanut butter bird. he hates dirty hair. and gum.

when boning a chicken, avoid the 'schnabby' at all costs. the schnabby is a long, meaty thing- resembling a tube of sausage. when i was little, i was convinced a schnabby was... something found only on a man. it took years to find its true identity--- any guesses?

 what makes a pretty girl pretty? well not makeup, esp. when you put it on at the bus stop (anna). not a zingy sense of humor (shannon). not someone who is indecisive (devin) or even someone bossy/spoiled (mel). "the smile on her face and the way she loves others". important life lesson.

 playing the piano for an hour every morning starting at 5am is the only way to teach your children the piano. if they get frustrated, make them blow in your face (WARNING: morning breath). "one day, you will thank me for doing this". sorry mom, no thanks here.

saturday schedule: cold cereal (a TREAT!) in chocolate milk followed by a long morning of shoveling horse poop/chicken poop/ (if you were lucky) riding dad's tractor. to finish the long day's work, you got to go to jone's feed for a soda & candy bar.

IMPORTANT: a coke + 2 candy bars  do NOT = $100.
Unless your Mel

when you marry into the zobrist clan, you need to realize you are now involved with local celebrities. having appeared in several exposes on ABC, these farm folks & their turkeys are quite the talk around town.

one day when your little sister becomes famous for being the first singer riding a horse in a rodeo while managing her 7-11s via headset and her horse playing soccer, she will buy you an A/Ced tractor + TV, large diamond ring, or motor-cycle. your choice.

bleach can turn your black hands white. thankfully, we are white. regrettably, now Ernie is too.

zobrists are always prepared for disaster or life’s little tragedies. huge generator? check. drums of water? check. a living will? yes sir- it’s called the ray policy. when my dad reaches his maximum potential for craziness, we have the authority to take him to the desert and shoot him. the clock’s ticking pop…

come halloween time, make sure your friends know not to come to the zobrist’s house. our coffins come with real bodies. and scary, scary masks.

animals that live on the zobrist plantation tend to have mental problems. either due to ear chewing or emotional suffocation. this tends to have an effect on their actions. we have experience suicide attempts, incontinence (white dogs especially), and even blatant attempts for attention (like rescuing birds and leaving them on cars).

fish have feelings. even if you don’t eat them, they tend to haunt you. in your window sill, bathroom, even your bed. Beware.

toilets have various functions. preferably, they make excellent planters. and outdoor toilets. do your business and it biodegrades in a couple years! just doing our part to save the planet.

One thing I can say about my childhood is that it was never dull. And i never knew how much I appreciated all the creative punishments and activities until I had children of my own.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Nicklaus went potty!

Nicklaus went to the bathroom in the potty today!!!

The boys decided to play in the backyard and make a pool, so they ended up naked like all little boys do when its hot outside. I asked Noah to bring me some underwear and a diaper and he came back with two pairs of underwear and told me that one was for him and the other for Nick.

So once the boys had the underwear on they went to go show Daddy.
Daddy asked Nick if he was going to start using the potty now that he was wearing big boy underwear. He said yes and off we went to the bathroom. We got up to the toilet and I asked if he wanted to sit on it. Yes again!
So I sat him down and asked if he need to go pee, sure enough he went! Started laughing and stop so then I asked him to go more pee, and so on and so on for a couple of mins.

And then he went again once before bed! I am so excited I know that it is very early to be thinking that Nicklaus could start potty training, but this is a good start on it!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Tatertots & Jello Giveaway!

Go check out Jen on Tatertots and Jello. She is having a huge giveaway!

Two lucky winners get $25 to order from Designed Beginnings

Go check out both of them! Jen always has the cutest projects/ideas and Designed Beginnings has so many cute Vinyls I don't even know where to begin to choose my favorite!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Halloween Wall Hangings

So in my many Halloween project searches I came across

and fell in love with her Free Printable

And then decided that I wanted to make some of my own. Got on the website Picnik,

I think they are fabulous and have will have them ready to be picked up at walmart tomorrow (Didn't want to waste all my printers ink). And as soon as I find some frames to put them in I will be set to go.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bat Masks

My little Noah is obsessed with Super heros. He wants everything to be Iron Man, Superman, Batman, Captian America. It if has a mask and/or a cape he thinks it belongs to him. So when I saw Living With Punks do her bat masks I knew that I had to make some for my little super heros.
They were so simple took me about ten minutes a mask from cutting to letting Noah put it on.
And it is now a new favorite at my house.

Bath Time

My boys favorite time of day is bathtime! Nicklaus is usually jumping in with clothes, shoes, diaper, whatever he is wearing when I annouce it is time to take a bath. They will sit in there and play for as long as I let them. And then when I tell Noah it is time to get out, almost everyday he responds with "aww man! Can we take a bath tomorrow too!??"

But sadly they never get to take a bubble bath because Nicklaus is deathly afraid of the bubbles. Hopefully sometime soon he gets over that because the best part of a bath is the bubbles and wearing bubble beards, hats and bikini tops.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Come On In

With A little help from Elm Street Life and another site that I just don't remember where/how I found it. I got the idea to make a come on in sign for all the parties and meetings I have over at my house. I LOVE the way it came out. It was a little labor intensive, and I'm not an artist in any matter of speaking but well worth it. This one I was planning on giving to my aunt but I think I am just going to have to make a different one for her. :-)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Are you a Proud Parent?

Are you a proud parent? Very Much so

How many kids do you have? 2

What are the ages? Noah 3, 4 in december and Nick is 1 1/2

Boy(s) or girl(s)? both boys

How old were you when you had your first child? 22

Was it planned? Nope

Do you regret it? Never

When were your kid(s) born? Noah Dec 26th and Nicklaus March 26th

Do you plan on having more? Yep

Do you have more than one baby daddy/momma? Nope, they have the same Daddy

Do you love your baby daddy/momma. Always

Are you stiil with this person? Yes I am

Are you married to this person? Yep for over 4 years now

Is this person a good parent to your kid(s)? Most days, he is learning and doesn't know what to do with Nick because he is still so young. The older the boys get the better he gets at being with them.

Do you live with this person. Everyday of my life.

Do you have a happy family? Most days

Do your kid(s) look like you or the dad/mom? Noah looks exactly like his dad, and Nicklaus looks exactly like Collin's grandpa.

Do your kids have proud grandparents? They have lots and lots of proud grandparents

What did you want your kid(s) first words to be? I wanted them to be Mom I love you!

What was their first words? Noah was Dada and Nick was ball

Is being a parent hard? very hard

Do you put your kid(s) before everything? each and everyday

Do you have a job? I work part-time from home

Is your child in school or grown up? they are not even old enough to be in school yet.

Do you have a mommas boy or a daddys little girl? I have One Mommas boy (Nick) and One Daddy's boy (Noah)

Are you looking forward to being a grandparent someday? I am counting the days. I have Noah married off already and Nick has a couple of options but nothing concrete yet.

Things Noah Says

Walks in carrying his and Nick's Pillow Pet
Me "Where you going Noah?"
Noah "Nick is running away."
Me "Just Nick or are you going with him."
Noah "Just Nick, I like it here so I'm staying."
Me "And your helping him?"
Noah "Yep. He wants to take his Pillowpet with him so he can sleep."

Noah "Mom can we get an Optimus Truck and paint it to look like Optimus."
Me " No, but Poppa Z has an Optimus truck."
Noah "Really? Lets go to Poppa Z's house so I can paint his truck. Grab my money so we can get some paint."

Noah " Mom can we get a cat?"
Me" You have to ask your dad."
Noah "But we can go get one and not tell him!"

As we were driving home last week from MeMa's house (MeMa is my friend Lindsay's mom)
Noah "Mom I'm scared."
Me "Why are you scared Noah?"
Noah "There is a monkey at MeMa's and he's going to eat me like a banana"

Me" Noah where is my broom?"
Noah " You mean my flyer? It's in my closet."
Me "Why is it in your closet?"
Noah "Because it's my flyer!"
Me " Do you fly on it? Who taught you how?"
Noah "Grandma Souraf did!"

I love my boys so much, and can't wait for Nick to start talking more so I can capture all the funny and wonderful things Nick says to me.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Noah's 1st Talk

On Sunday Noah gave a talk in primary for the very first time.
The week before he came home with a note attached to his shirt saying
"Noah Campbell volunteered to give a talk on Sunday Sept 13Th, 2010
Theme: I obey Jesus Christ because I love him."

My first thought was "NNNOOOOO!!!!!!"
the very second was what kind of topic is that? That is a sentence, NOT a topic/theme.

So I called my mom and asked for her advise. She pointed me to some cute websites that I could print some pictures off and have Noah just say what he does to obey Jesus.

The next battle was getting Noah to color the pictures. He kept refusing so I just made him sit next to me while we talked about what each picture was and what he was going to say about it for his talk.

So the big day came, and just was we were walking out of the house (Side note: Collin had to work so I was flying solo) my friend Jennie Raye called, she had gotten a flat tire on the side of the freeway. She has NO idea HOW to change a tire, and her husband was sound asleep with a dead cell phone sitting next to him.

So I grab my apron and we raced to Jennie to change her tire, (yes I changed it in heels and a dress- go me!)then raced to church to make it with 10 min to spare until talk time.

Noah did so well, he said his lines and told about each picture. Then right before he closed he just popped the word Bum Bum in before "in the name of Jesus Christ amen".

That's my little booger.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Dollar Store Halloween Wreath

I LOVE Wreaths! Well, pretty much ANY doorhanger will do. When it is time to take one down It saddens me when I don't have one to put up like for the horrible time between the 4th and fall. And then again for Valentines day. I KNOW I used to have one for the heart day, but I couldn't find it this year. :-(

I noticed when Sept 1st hit that all I have is fall door hangers and NONE for Halloween (which is quickly becoming Noah's favorite holiday).

So at the Dollar Store today I saw this cute little witch calling to me. And sitting right next to her was a wicker weath. And right next to the wreath was some fall colored leaves!

So I promptly put them all in my basket and attached everything togeather so come Oct. 1st. My dollar store witch will let everyone know that my house is ready for the big night!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Picaboo Giveaway!

Just wanted to make sure all of you knew about this

FREE OFFER going on at PICABOO right now.

I just made my first one. It was so super easy!

The offer is for a FREE LARGE Picture BOOK!

Be sure to start it NOW, because the offer expires at the end of THIS month.

Friday, August 13, 2010

My Boys

I'm so tired. But I feel like I haven 't updated my blog with a post about me and the boys in a very very long time. So here is a quick update. Then off to bed for me.

Noah- is a stinker butt who no matter what time he goes to bed is up by 630am. He has now learned not to really destroy the house (to much) while mom and dad sleep. He will come in and sit on our bed watch cartoons until Nick wakes up at about 6:30-7:30 Sometimes later if he had a bad night. Noah is oppsessed with Mario Bros and is actually getting pretty good at the game ie. can jump and go in the pipes and shoot fireballs. He still has not mastered level one yet. But he will by the end of the year i'm sure.

The funniest thing he said this week...well... that I can remember is when Grandma Wendy, myself and the boys were on our way to get smoothies at McLoving. As soon as Noah saw the Yellow Arches he said " Look! Its McDonalds! Now THATS the stuff!" lol He is so full of life and laughter I love that boy so much!

Nicklaus- Is growing up to fast! We have now found out that kid is a social eater. If he sees someone else eating, he has to be eating as well. Hence why he is called our Chunky Monkey. Nicklaus LOVES to clinb on everything. He is always on top of my table playing with whatever craft/work I have going on.
He has a facination with my sewing pins. He will grab the pin cushion and just sit there pulling the pins out and putting them back. And no matter how much I think he is going to stab himself; he nevers does.
And he is talking so much. He will tell us, Go it that. You, out! Give me that. Its Daddy (mommy, poppa, brother, Bonnie)! I Love You. More please. I am amazed almost daily with what Nicklaus says.

I have been so blessed with such great little boys. Yes they drive me nuts and somedays I can't wait till bedtime. But most days I just bask in the joy of being their Mom.
Thank you Hevenly Father for giving me exactly what I needed in my life.