Monday, July 30, 2012

Did you ever get in trouble as a child? What was the worst thing you ever did?

 Did you ever get in trouble as a child?
 What was the worst thing you ever did?

I NEVER got in trouble as a child....according to Melissa; partly because I blamed everything on her. She's the youngest so she deserves it right?? That is how I wish things really happened, but sadly no. I don't remember really being in trouble a lot as a kid. But when I became a teen I was all the time. From stealing the car, to borrowing money (without asking and no intent on returning), sneaking out...
There was two months my sophomore year of HS I was grounded the entire time. I would get grounded for a week, do something else and then get grounded for 2. And so on and so on. But after those horrible months I don't think I really got in trouble again after that. Maybe because I got better at hiding all my misdoings. And I got REALLY good at getting home just in time for curfew. I mean I would walk into the door 1 or 2 mins to spare. I had things timed down!
 Except for this one time I was 16, fell asleep at my boyfriends house (really we did while watching a movie) woke up in a panic because it was about an hour after I was supposed to be home. I raced home, and I mean RACED. The cop who couldn't catch up with me after he saw me run a stop sign can attest to how fast I was going (70-80mph in a 45). As I turned the corner I saw him and then pulled over and waited. Of course I had forgotten my wallet at home - couldn't find my insurance card. He asked for my home # to call my parents to verify who I was- I begged him to talk to my mom and not my dad. My dad would not be so nice to me at 10pm (sunday night curfew) but my mom would wait till we were alone to yell. Strangely enough this AWESOME cop let me go with a ticket to go to court and show my insurance. THAT WAS IT!!! (I love that cop to this day!) and he didn't even call my parents!
When I got home I started crying as soon as I walked into my parents room showed my mom the ticket and she told me to go to bed we'd talk in the morning. THAT WAS IT!
We never really talked about it, a week later we went to court showed my insurance card and done. Moral of the story, if your going to get into trouble get pulled over and have the cop let you off and your parents will follow suit!
 Other than some of the normal teenager things I didn't really do anything that bad. I blame (accredit??)  it on being in band. Seriously how many band nerds do you know who really get in trouble. It was the drama and the journalism people that had the major stories of HS delinquencies.

Batman's Mommy

So it is no secret that my boys LOVE Super Heros. They dress up daily. And when I tell them they can't dress up today they have melt downs. And then they turn their shirts backwards and add capes. Example see the Mario & Luigi shirts. The best days are when I wear my Batgirl shirt and the boys dress up like Batman & Robin. 

Even Maggie joins in the fun

Batman & Robin

Mario & Lugi
Captian America & Bucky

Not quick sure, but they had so much fun this night!

Secret Agents
Robin the boy wonder

A pirate walking his dog
I think he is Jake (as in Jake and the Neverland Pirates)

Nick's Starman Shirt with a Polkdot cape

Flying over Metropolis City

Nicklaus the photographer

  I got an iphone and I LOVE it!! Except for the little camera feature on front. You know the one where you can take pictures without unlocking your phone... Nicklaus on the other hand LOVES this feature! He finds my phone each morning and helps himself to take pictures/videos of everything! Usually just of himself, sometimes Noah joins the fun, but mainly Nicklaus likes self portraits. I often have to delete up to 100 pictures of him and the ceiling fan. Or I wake to him sitting next to my bed and I hear my phone clinking over and over again.

bathroom sink

Grandma Wendy's house

on the move

No idea what or where this is