Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Now Presenting Noah & Nicklaus

One of my boys most favorite things to do is put on plays for me, or daddy or pretty much ANYONE who will sit for them. Their play yesterday for the first time included Maggie. And luckily Maggie was a will participate for them!
Getting ready for the show!

Now presenting Robin and the Mad Hatter!
Now where did the Mad Hatter go

Let Duel!
And he's down!

I'll be back Robin!

No I wont!!!

Maggie's turn

Robin to the rescue

Loves for Maggie!

Memorial Day at the Park

 Memorial Day the boys and I went on a picnic at the local splash pad park
 We had a blast playing in the water

 and getting cold once the water went off
Then we played on the swing set

 Noah is such a good big brother to Nicklaus, always Nick's sidekick and helping him out
 Then we found Riley! Riley has started to go to daycare and these boys miss her like crazy. Almost every night they ask when Riley does Riley get to sleep over can we call Riley.
telling Riley secrets

pulling an Aunt Lissa

 Riley wasn't to sure about going into the water at first. She got close and in true girl fashion started to cry about getting her hair wet! lol Then Nicklaus came and got her to come play with him

 And life was good!
 Then Noah found his twin!! These boys were so excited to see that they were matching! It was a true miracle!

 Nicklaus always seems to find trouble wherever he goes,
but he is ALWAYS very good about saying he is sorry. 
The hard part is remembering not to do it again! 

Aunt Jennie Raye had the day off to so she decided to join us at the park. I am so thankful to have a friend like her. Jennie Raye truely is amazing with my boys and loves and cares for them so much! 
And they LOVE Aunt Jennie too!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Utah Blessing Weekend

Melissa is the story teller. Devin is the fact recorder. I can do pictures. So check out our blogs if you want the full story of this weekend. Otherwise, here is my wonderful Utah weekend.