Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ramblings of the boys

Nick "yippe Kai yeah! Come on down baby!"
Mommy "nick where do you get that stuff from?
Nick "ummm... Target."

While walking down the isle at the store Nick sees some mirrors and stops to check himself out. Then says "Hey! I have a big head!"

Noah "here little brother, you hold the end of the rope so I can climb down!"

Mom "Noah what says 'shhh'"
Noah "I don't know!"
Nick "shhh... Shannon!"

Noah "Mom at school they are going to have a kids corner shop!"
Mom -as I'm reading the handout, its where kids can go and buy gifts for people. "That's cool. Who do you want to buy a gift for?"
Noah" No gifts! It's where you go and can buy a brother or a sister. And I want to go buy a sister!"

Noah "mom, Nick stole all the candy! All by himself!"
Mom "why is there chocolate on your face then"
Noah" busted!"

Nick "I can't wait till I can go to school with Noah, then I can be big and poop in the potty"
Mom " why don't we go poop in the potty now?"
Nick "because I'm not that big"

Noah "Nick all I hear from you is Legos, Legos, Legos. You should care about something else.
Mommy "Noah all I hear from you is Captain America. Why don't you care about something else?"
Noah "All I hear from you is rules rules rules."
Mommy "touché Noah"

Nick is sitting by Collin, and starts to read the wristband that Collin is wearing.
"T -R -I -O -N -Z.... That spells Captain America! Your Captain America Daddy! Shhhh I won't tell Noah."

Nick "Daddy help me with this shirt!" (And he already is wearing his hulk muscle costume)
Daddy" we need to take of the muscles first."
Nick "we can't! I'm going in disguise, and I don't want people to know I'm the hulk! But when they see my muscles they will go 'wow! He's strong!'"

Daddy "why are they so many handprints on my window?"
Noah "hmmmm.... I think because Uncle Logan was sitting here. I'm sure he did it."
Daddy "I'm sure Uncle Logan has much bigger handprints."
Noah "He just used his pinky"

I just gave Nicklaus a baggy if pretzels and he responds "ooo yeah! My snack with Destiny has arrived!"
(Taken from "a date with destiny")

While practicing Noah's spelling/sight words-
Me "Noah what's this word" (word is mother)
Noah "mom"
Me "nope. Sound it out."
Noah "mommy?"
Me" sound it out!"
Noah"! It's all the same! I had it right!"

Collin"what happened to my cookies?"
Nicklaus "me!"

Today Noah was recognized for his kind
actions at school. When we got home from school Noah called Grandma Shell
Grandma Shell "Noah I am so proud of you! You are becoming such a caring and living young man. I'm so glad your mom is caring and living and has taught you the same."
Noah "yeah, I know. So I guess now u can forgive her for all the punishments she gives me."

The new rule in our house is if the boys fight, then they have to go read a book to each other.
Nicklaus "Noah? Can you read this to me?"
Noah "No I'm busy."
Nicklaus "Please?"
Noah "No!"
Nicklaus walks up to me crying "Noah hit me! Does he gave to read to me now?!"
Mommy "Noah didn't hit you, but I will read to you."
Nicklaus "but your not Noah!!"

Nicklaus trying to tease Noah
"I'm Noah and I like to go poo in the potty! I'm so good!"

The night before Nick and Riley's birthday party we are having a family dinner at my house, and Cathy is getting ready to leave because she is staying at Wendy's house for the weekend. "NO!! Don't go! Grandma makes everyone clean her house! Stay here or else you'll have to clean!"

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Things my boys say

Over that last  2 months I have been writing down some of the funny things my boys say to me. Next time I think I will record the date too. I love my boys so much and so thankful that I have been blessed to have them.

Noah" which one is the awesome chipmunk?"
Mommy "Alvin."
Noah "Then Nick should be Alvin."

Nicklaus "Mom can I be your super hero!"
Mom "Of course!"
Nicklaus "SCORE!"

Noah "look its a little grown up dude' I've never seen one like that before!"

Nick "you know what they say about the toilet, you miss the bowl you get the horns!"

Noah " A real man won't shoot like that! I'll show you how a real man shoots."
Nick "Wow! Can I be a real man now?"

Noah " did you know that werewolfs are allergic to spandex... So we need spandex"

Noah"Mom I have a problem."
Mom "what is it?"
Noah "my friend Eddie is trying to steal my girl."
Mom "how do you know?"
Noah "I'm psycho. That's how... And he told me."
Mom "you mean psychic? Where you know what's going to happen before it actually happens?"
Noah "yeah. That. And he told me he likes her too."

I walk into the kitchen to find Nicklaus climbing up my pantry
Mommy "Nick!! What are you doing? Get down!"
He doesn't move, just closes his eyes and stays still
Mommy "Nicklaus! Get down!"
Nicklaus "SHHHH I'm invisible so you can't see me!"

Noah failed his phonogram test again, but got a's on his math test and speech then told me "don't worry mom! I got 2 a's and 2 f's so it's a tie! I'm still okay!"

Nick "okay daddy, you pick up my toys and I'll sit here and watch you."

Mommy "owww! (I just cracked my back)
Noah runs in "let me see! Where's the baby sister!"
Mommy "there is no baby sister in here"
Noah "I heard one coming from your belly!"
Mommy "no baby is in my belly right now Noah, why do you think there is?"
Noah "because I want one and I wished really hard!"

Nicklaus "Noah focus! G says ga and ja!"
Noah" can Nick just go to kindergarten for me!?"
Mommy "NO!"
Nick and Noah "please!!"

Noah "Mom look at my spider web! It's sticky! " I turn around and see he took his gum and strung it around the car.

Nick "growl!"
Nick" it's just me mom! I'm just pretending to be a werewolf! Don't be scared!"

Nick "put the bucket on my head and hit it!"

Mommy "nick your on you last package of diapers, they don't make diapers your size anymore. Guess you have to start using the potty!"
Nick " Nope, I'll just turn into a little baby again!"
Mommy " How?"
Nick thinks for a min, "okay I'll just turn into a zombie then"

Noah says to my aunt "you don't know this, but before you were born I was in a band!"

Noah "daddy all you have to do is put on a video game and then whala! We're quiet!"
Daddy "I can't wait for the day for you to be whala, quiet."
Noah "then put the game on!"

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Nicks bad month

First Nicklaus was running away from Noah, bounced off Daddy and fell into our bookcase. Then a week later he shaved off his nose. Followed by the next day falling off the table and hitting the side of his eye and getting a black eye, day after tripped off his chair and got a massive goose egg on the side of his chair. We then went almost a full week before Noah shut Nicks nose in the door. How exactly that happened I have no idea.
My poor little boy has had a rough month and hopefully will make it through the rest of this year with no more incidents!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Photo Restoration

Collin's Little Gram passed away at the beginning of May. 
Florence Nelson was an amazing lady, she lived to be 102! 

Since she passed away Wendy (my MIL) took upon herself of gathering all of Little Gram's pictures
and passing them out to the people who are in them or their surviving family members. 
And of course we have some AWESOME pictures that just about everyone wants a copy of. 
Like Little Gram's high school graduation class picture

among many others. And MANY of these pictures have not weathered the years as well as others.
So now I get to put my editing skills to work and restoring some of these pictures
Here are some examples of ones I have done so far.

They have turned out pretty good if I say so myself!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Spaghetti Ice Cream

Once a month my Arizona Hurst family get togeather and have family dinner. We rotate each month on who's house it will be hosted at; and that person get to pass out food assignments! 
Michelle is our culinary artist;
Michelle with her most favorite niece Zephia

 she usually is in charge of dessert when it is not her turn to host. She has brought some amazing things for dinner. Half I can not tell you because I do not remember names. Only that they are delicious and not your common "lets bring cupcakes, cookies" types of things.
Michelle, her manly friend Dana (AKA her husband who she has yet to wed)
Gretchen and Trace (her mom and dad)
all went to go visit their favorite person in the world Zephia!
Who happens to live in Germany with her mom and dad (Caitlyn and Robert)

Michelle brought home a bit of Germany in her dessert and made us

Forgive me, the pictures are all out of order and taken on a cell phone late at night. And this blog was published on my phone and won't let me rearrange the pictures.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Noah went to Kindergarten

 This is my Noah. Yesterday he grew up more in one day then ever before. 
He started Kindergarten. 
He is now officially a Titan.

I awoke at 5:30a to this

So I got up got dressed  and we had his requested pancake breakfast.
Then he rushed off brushed his teeth and came back to announce that we were "LATE FOR SCHOOL!!! HURRY!!" Then I reminded him that we had an hour before the gates would even open up for school. 
Finally as 7:15 rolled around I told him we can start loading up for school. He allowed me to take a couple of pictures (but not to many because I would make him late)

 Hence this face

 Here he is outside of his building

Meeting a new friend while in line


Holding a bubble with his duck tails
Walking in to his first day of school!!!
Noah had a wonderful first day of school! He played on the computers, got to see the whole school, went to music class, read stories and even got homework!!

He was so excited for his first "real" homework and I wonder how long that is going to last.

And then when it came time to go pick him up the little mister was supposed to wait till it was 
my turn to pick him up. Instead as soon as he saw my car he raced down the sidewalk
as fast as he could to come meet me!

And to make his day even better we got to go have lunch at his most FAVORITE place ever! 
Native New Yorker.

(I think he like it because there are TVS on the wall)

All in all he had a wonderful first day. 
And mom survived the first day... somewhat.

UPDATE (8/24/2012): 2nd day of school did not go as well as the first. He did get a note sent home for not listening and not following directions. But on a happier note, we have NOT received anymore notes since. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Happy Birthday T!!

This is T. aka Peanut

He lives in Las Vegas and I miss him all the time. Today he will be my favorite nephew; partly because 
1. 2 of my 4 nephews don't read. and 
2. My other favorite nephew who lives in utah doesn't read my blog.

Taylor is my first baby. I say this because he is the one who got me ready for motherhood. Who introduced me on how to rock a baby to sleep, how to change a diaper WITHOUT getting peed on as well as how to change a diaper on a wiggly toddler who does NOT want to wear a diaper. 
He taught me the importance of finding those bottles that little kids have a way of hiding. Of putting stuff up high and learning to let go when they do get into stuff that they shouldn't. 
I was lucky enough to watch T just about every friday night for the first year of his life. I loved it. We got to have Auntie and T time. 
He was there when we got to see the first ultrasound of Noah, and the look on his face as he tried to make out if we were lying that there really was a baby in my belly because it does NOT look like a baby. And then he turned his attention to my toes and asked why I had a bug on my foot (my star tattoo)
When T got ready to go to kindergarten I remember think how grown up he is, I can't believe how old and how big he has gotten! Then I promptly convinced him that at kindergarden he would learn how to become a tree because he was a boy and all the girls learned how to become flowers. 
Then once he finished the school year and he still didn't know how to become a tree I told him he had to go back and repeat kindergarten until he learned.

One of my favorite things to do when I go to Vegas is go pick T up from school. My boys and I play on the play ground and then watch and see if we can surprise T that we came to get him. And without fail I am always surprised to see this big goofball of a kid run up and give me a hug! 

Now T is turning 9. 
I look around amazed how tall he is, how smart he is and how my little munchin could be as tall as I am.
How we wear the same size shoe, and how everytime I look at him I think he should only be 4yrs old. 
T I am amazed and that man you are becoming, the heart and the strength that I see in you. I love you and your sense of humor and thankful that both my boys consider you one of their best friends. Thank you for being my favorite nephew who can read in Las Vegas. I miss you and love you more than you will ever know. Happy Birthday from your FAVORITE Aunt (who lives in Arizona)