Monday, September 26, 2011

Recent Crochet Items

Owl hat for my baby sister- I got the pattern from Daisy Cottage Designs

So cute and very easy to do.
I didn't make the eyes as big (only did 2 rounds instead of 3)
The ears as long (6 rounds instead of 8) and
around the beak I did a single crochet around the entire beak once I finished with her beak pattern
and added about 3 extra pieces of yard to each braid.

Such a sweet and easy little pumpkin hat! I go this pattern from
You have to sign up to get free patterns but so far totally worth it.
This one is a simple HDC in BL making a rectangle- sew the edged together
then a SC around the top and then after the first row Sc2tog till you have about 6-8 stitches in your circle. and sc going up about 1 -1 1/2 inches high.

For the vine chained about 20 the 2sc in same stitch going across.

This hat was so easy took me about and hour. Think I am going to have to make some bigger ones for my boys to wear this Halloween!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mel's Baby Shower

My baby sister Mel is about to have a baby. It is so strange to say that- even stranger to think that by the end of the month she will be a mom. This past weekend Devin, Kayla (Mel's friend since pee wee soccer) and I threw her a baby shower.
She is decorating the baby's room in owls so the theme was owls naturally.
Our wonderful friend Molly designed the invites if you need invites check her stuff out. This girl has some mad skills!
We ate, played games and opened gifts. Mel put togeather this booklet of games for everyone to have (that way you only pass out one paper) She came up with the most original baby shower games ever.
First one was match the celebrity baby name to its parent, then guess how many weeks she was. She had like 8 pics of belly shots from through out her pregnancy and people had to guess how far along she was in the pics, of course there was gift bingo, then pick out of her and Justin which one was almost named Brittney, who has dropped on their head, who won a baby beauty pagent and who walked at the same time as their sister (Justin, Mel, Justin and Mel)

It was so much fun to see my family and some old friends. And get to spend some time with my sisters. Since we all live so far from eachother it is hard to get togeather.

Owl Tree

Part of the food and the name banner

Diaper Cake

Owl for Landons room with name

Water Bottles

Zobrist Girls (the Alan Z Family)
Zobrist Cousins and Aunts

Sister Shot

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fish is a Fish

At the beginning of the summer Noah saw a fishing pole at a garage sale. He just had to have it. The pole was a $1 so I couldn't really refuse to much. The only problem; neither Collin or I fish. Collins hates fish, the smell the look the taste- so no fishing for him. I LOVE fish, sushi all that I'll take it. Plus cleaning out a fish doesn't really disgust me like it does him (Thanks dad!) But i don't have a fishing pole, or have ever really been fishing.
So when Fernando and Lauren came in to town Noah talked Fernando into taking him fishing. Now in Noah's mind if he was going to go fishing with Fernando they had to have matching shirts. So Lauren picked them up Bass Pro Shirts and Monday morning off they went!

Helping get the poles fixed and ready

Showing Noah what to do

His first cast

Just being a goober!

Lauren and I stayed while they got started and then later joined them again a little late with Nicklaus.

Walking to a new spot
Then Fernando caught a fish! Noah was so excited! Both boys got to touch it and see how slimy the fish felt,

but only Noah was brave enough to give the fish a kiss
(side story) when I was his age my Hurst family went fishing and when they got back- they talked me into kissing the fish because he would turn into a handsome prince- bunch of liars I grew up with!)

About 10 min later Noah decided that we should put the fish back (due to Aunt Lauren talking about me eating it for lunch- THANKS LAUREN!)
And of course the fish had already moved on to little fishy heaven so Noah for about 15 min said he never wanted to go fishing again.
Now he can't wait to go again and told Fernando that when we see him at Christmas time he had better take him fishing again!