Monday, April 26, 2010

Oh fast fast the time goes!

Nicklaus turned one! I can't believe that my baby is that old now, walking and talking and beating up his brother. For everyones birthday (at least here in AZ) I am in charge of making the cakes. For Nick's birthday we decided to have a monkey cake. I found the cutest pan from Wilton. And of course because NOTHING ever goes as planned. I didn't get to decorate his cake earlier in the day like I wanted to. So about 1 hour before his party I rush over to my in-laws with the frosting and all my cake colors. I open up my brown, and it has dried out! (The fact that I was at the store earlier in the day just makes me even more upset about this- because had I known then I could have gotten more!) So I am trying to mix colors and make a brown, a lite tan and a black (which that color ALSO had dried out!) So my monkey didn't come out how I wanted it to, and Nick is to young to realize that his monkey is more of a poop brown to even care, all he cares about is if it is yummy! (which it was) And for whatever reason I just could not get my leafs right either. So this cake is such a disaster I just have to laugh it off.

This is Nick with his birthday ball, he loves to play with balls so I got one from walmart and had everyone at his party sign it with a birthday message for him. This is his favorite present by far!