Monday, September 27, 2010

Come On In

With A little help from Elm Street Life and another site that I just don't remember where/how I found it. I got the idea to make a come on in sign for all the parties and meetings I have over at my house. I LOVE the way it came out. It was a little labor intensive, and I'm not an artist in any matter of speaking but well worth it. This one I was planning on giving to my aunt but I think I am just going to have to make a different one for her. :-)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Are you a Proud Parent?

Are you a proud parent? Very Much so

How many kids do you have? 2

What are the ages? Noah 3, 4 in december and Nick is 1 1/2

Boy(s) or girl(s)? both boys

How old were you when you had your first child? 22

Was it planned? Nope

Do you regret it? Never

When were your kid(s) born? Noah Dec 26th and Nicklaus March 26th

Do you plan on having more? Yep

Do you have more than one baby daddy/momma? Nope, they have the same Daddy

Do you love your baby daddy/momma. Always

Are you stiil with this person? Yes I am

Are you married to this person? Yep for over 4 years now

Is this person a good parent to your kid(s)? Most days, he is learning and doesn't know what to do with Nick because he is still so young. The older the boys get the better he gets at being with them.

Do you live with this person. Everyday of my life.

Do you have a happy family? Most days

Do your kid(s) look like you or the dad/mom? Noah looks exactly like his dad, and Nicklaus looks exactly like Collin's grandpa.

Do your kids have proud grandparents? They have lots and lots of proud grandparents

What did you want your kid(s) first words to be? I wanted them to be Mom I love you!

What was their first words? Noah was Dada and Nick was ball

Is being a parent hard? very hard

Do you put your kid(s) before everything? each and everyday

Do you have a job? I work part-time from home

Is your child in school or grown up? they are not even old enough to be in school yet.

Do you have a mommas boy or a daddys little girl? I have One Mommas boy (Nick) and One Daddy's boy (Noah)

Are you looking forward to being a grandparent someday? I am counting the days. I have Noah married off already and Nick has a couple of options but nothing concrete yet.

Things Noah Says

Walks in carrying his and Nick's Pillow Pet
Me "Where you going Noah?"
Noah "Nick is running away."
Me "Just Nick or are you going with him."
Noah "Just Nick, I like it here so I'm staying."
Me "And your helping him?"
Noah "Yep. He wants to take his Pillowpet with him so he can sleep."

Noah "Mom can we get an Optimus Truck and paint it to look like Optimus."
Me " No, but Poppa Z has an Optimus truck."
Noah "Really? Lets go to Poppa Z's house so I can paint his truck. Grab my money so we can get some paint."

Noah " Mom can we get a cat?"
Me" You have to ask your dad."
Noah "But we can go get one and not tell him!"

As we were driving home last week from MeMa's house (MeMa is my friend Lindsay's mom)
Noah "Mom I'm scared."
Me "Why are you scared Noah?"
Noah "There is a monkey at MeMa's and he's going to eat me like a banana"

Me" Noah where is my broom?"
Noah " You mean my flyer? It's in my closet."
Me "Why is it in your closet?"
Noah "Because it's my flyer!"
Me " Do you fly on it? Who taught you how?"
Noah "Grandma Souraf did!"

I love my boys so much, and can't wait for Nick to start talking more so I can capture all the funny and wonderful things Nick says to me.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Noah's 1st Talk

On Sunday Noah gave a talk in primary for the very first time.
The week before he came home with a note attached to his shirt saying
"Noah Campbell volunteered to give a talk on Sunday Sept 13Th, 2010
Theme: I obey Jesus Christ because I love him."

My first thought was "NNNOOOOO!!!!!!"
the very second was what kind of topic is that? That is a sentence, NOT a topic/theme.

So I called my mom and asked for her advise. She pointed me to some cute websites that I could print some pictures off and have Noah just say what he does to obey Jesus.

The next battle was getting Noah to color the pictures. He kept refusing so I just made him sit next to me while we talked about what each picture was and what he was going to say about it for his talk.

So the big day came, and just was we were walking out of the house (Side note: Collin had to work so I was flying solo) my friend Jennie Raye called, she had gotten a flat tire on the side of the freeway. She has NO idea HOW to change a tire, and her husband was sound asleep with a dead cell phone sitting next to him.

So I grab my apron and we raced to Jennie to change her tire, (yes I changed it in heels and a dress- go me!)then raced to church to make it with 10 min to spare until talk time.

Noah did so well, he said his lines and told about each picture. Then right before he closed he just popped the word Bum Bum in before "in the name of Jesus Christ amen".

That's my little booger.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Dollar Store Halloween Wreath

I LOVE Wreaths! Well, pretty much ANY doorhanger will do. When it is time to take one down It saddens me when I don't have one to put up like for the horrible time between the 4th and fall. And then again for Valentines day. I KNOW I used to have one for the heart day, but I couldn't find it this year. :-(

I noticed when Sept 1st hit that all I have is fall door hangers and NONE for Halloween (which is quickly becoming Noah's favorite holiday).

So at the Dollar Store today I saw this cute little witch calling to me. And sitting right next to her was a wicker weath. And right next to the wreath was some fall colored leaves!

So I promptly put them all in my basket and attached everything togeather so come Oct. 1st. My dollar store witch will let everyone know that my house is ready for the big night!