Thursday, December 18, 2008

Update: new house,noah and nicklaus

So we finally have our own house!! YEAH!! I'm so excited, finally we can paint, and fix the yard however we like, yet also comes all the responablities of owning your own home :-( Oh well it all goes hand in hand. Noah is getting bigger and more grown up everyday. And he has learned that mommmy has trouble catching him if he runs or hides under the table. He is such a joy to have and can't imagine my life without him. He is going to make such a great big brother too. Everytime we see a baby he has to point it out to me, and when we go play at his friend julies house, who has two new little sibblings he is so sweet to them. Gives them kisses on their heads and when one starts crying then pats them and says "shh baby...its okay" Now i know he is going to have a little of trouble adjusting too simply because he does get so spoiled by Collin and my family. This coming March will def be one exciting journey for our little family. Nicklaus is starting to get really big to hence i'm getting really big! I guess the doctor is getting a little worried because i am measuring a couple of weeks farther along then i actually am, so come Jan if i haven't slowed down we are going to have to do another ultrasound just to make sure that all is well. I am sure it is, but i'm getting concerned about having a big baby on top of having a campbell/nelson baby that all have huge heads! Noah's head was 12in when he was born i'm praying that Nicklaus will be smaller than that, but i doubt it.

This is a pic of me at 25 weeks and one from nicklaus' ultrasound at 19 weeks
More to come of the new house once boxes don't cover it!