Monday, November 10, 2008

Halloween and other fun stuff!

So every year our little family travels up to Prescott, AZ to visit with Collin's dad and step-mom. Its tradition that all the kids show up, we have a Halloween party and pass out candy. Now the very cool part of this tradition is the city shuts off a couple of streets in down-town Prescott (where his parents live) and all the kids from Prescott show up and trick or treat. We are talking about thousands and thousands of kids. This year being pregnant and unable to fit in many costumes, i tried to think of something that I could be. When we saw this cute little Yoda costume on-line i just knew that I could be Padme. Now any nerd knows what i am talking about, for all you cool people Padme is from starwars, she is Luke and Leia's mom, and in the third starwars she is pregnant. So Noah became Yoda, Collin Anikin and me Padme. Yes we are a very geeky family; but i am happy to say that my brother Nathan will always have me beat. Even though his family has never all dresses up as starwars characters. We had a blast up seeing everyone and visiting with the Campbell-McCall family. I just wish that we were able to see/get together more often. But because we were all together Collins step brother Matt and his girlfriend decided why not get married. So we had an impromptu wedding Nov 1st. It was beautiful, we gathered in a friends backyard, held a little ceremony then all tracked up the mountain(to another friend's house) to have dinner. needless to say it was a fun fill and very busy weekend for us. I can hardly wait to see what Christmas up there will be like.