Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter the final chapter


We woke up and the boys were so excited to find their baskets and new motorbikes
from the Easter bunny.
Noah kept doing his Superhero pose, because he now has a Superhero bike :-)

 They took a race around the yard
while Nick dragged his bag around with him

After church we went to Grandma Wendy's house for a
and Easter egg hunt and dinner


Best quote from the whole day was Noah
"Mom, I'm proud of myself for going to church today"

I'm proud of you too Noah!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter part two!

Saturday we went over to Collin's cousin's house for a pre-Easter celebration. We walked over to the park and hunted for eggs.

 Riley got her first skinned knee,
She couldn't walk up the hill, just kept rolling down. Even just trying to get her to sit on the hill she would roll.
Think I need to call her rolly polie now
Noah ate most of his candy before we even made it back to the house,
and Nick would barely leave my side.

After the egg hunt we went back to their house and had a BBQ and visited the rest of the time. All in all a perfect way to end the afternoon and get the boys excited for Easter Sunday the next morning.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good Friday

This is a fun filled weekend! We started it off with a little Easter Egg Hunt at Golfland Sunsplash (where Courtney works). The kids had a blast looking for eggs. Riley just wanted to hold the eggs and not put them in her bag. And Noah ended up with a bag full of them, and we had to put most of them back. (Each kid had a limit of ten eggs)

That is a pretzel in her mouth- she would NOT give it up!

And we ended the night at Grandma Wendy's house to dye some eggs,
 Noah decided if the eggs were done by smelling them.

This years Easter cake

Top favorite Easter candies?

1. Robin Eggs
2. Sixlets
3. Chocolate...any kind

Mix with the wonderful invention of Rainbow Chip icing and you get this!

I made a funfetti cake (the best since it has sprinkles in it!), let it cool.
Then I cut it in half and adding a laying of icing between my two cake half's.

Then iced with rainbow chip icing.
Topped with green coconut
 (mix about 2 T spoons of water with some green food coloring
and coconut- in a gallon size ziplock bag and shake)

Added the Bunny on top with Robin eggs all around then
Sixlets around the bottom.

Cute, fun and delicious cake and easy to make cake!

I linked up...

What are we going to do today Brain?
 Well Pinky, try to take over the world!

okay so maybe not the world, but the blogging world.

I finally linked up to one of my fav. blogs
Go check out all the cook stuff people made this week!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Tiered Plates

Remember this?

Well it has now become this!

So I know this has been posted on EVERY craft blog out there, and everytime I see these I always tell myself that I really need to make myself some. Finally I did!
 I found these super cute plates at walmart, I already had one of the candlestick holders and I got the other at the dollar store. All in all this whole project cost me less than $5. I can't wait to use it this easter weekend!

And I have the perfect treat to put on it! Can't wait to show you!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tulle Tulle and more Tulle

For the last month I have been busy sewing Easter bags. My cousin text me one day and said she saw some cute bags online and was wondering if I could make them for her girls. Challenge Accepted!
I think they came out so cute. I LOVED seeing them when they were all finished.

Tulle and sewing took over my kitchen table... my poor family has not been able to eat a proper meal around the table without fear of tulle getting onto their plate, mom freaking out if someone spilled or bumping their arm on a sewing machine.

I am so glad that Stacy asked me to make the first bags for her and so thankful for everyone that bought one. I am taking a short break from making them, then will be adding them to my etsy shop.

I have seen a lot of people use these bags for dance bags, scripture bags, bridal bags, and as just a plain little girl purse (or the big girl who is young at heart). If you interested in one let me know!

And if you want to know what else I am working on...

Stay Tuned!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

15 Things... Thanks to Mel

My wonderful annoying archenemies little sister recently did a post of  15 Things you did and did not want to know about me; and tagged me in it to do the same. Now if you read her blog you know that she is hilarious! She has such a talent for writing, speaking and sharing her love of all things. Go read her blog you will enjoy it (beware- some of it can be hard to understand if you are not up to speed on pop culture) She does make up words along the same lines that celebrities mix their names (bradgalina, tomcat- you get the idea).

So here is my 15 things about me...Thanks Mel!

1. Dream Job
Besides the usual of being a mom lol I would love to be a professional crafter/blogger. People like Kimbo at A Girl and A Glue Gun, Jen at Tatertots and Jello and the sisters at Eighteen25. They always have the cutest crafts, ideas, photos and just plain everything. I Heart them.
If that never pans out... then I will become a baker. Not the fancy kind of baking, but work in a cake shop (or cupcake shop) and get to decorate all day! That would be HEAVEN!

2. Favorite Drink
Dr Loving! or known in other places besides my house as Dr Pepper. I am a Dr. Pepper with cherry type of girl but any will do. Diet, vanilla, original- I want it all

3. Most Important Beauty Secret
Exercise. I love it. If you would have told me a couple months ago that I would be a gym rat  mouse. (rats are gross) I would have laughed at you. Now if I don't go and work up a good sweat I start to feel antsy. I sleep better now, my clothes are starting to become really loose- and I don't even crave sweets like I used to. All in all. A gym membership was the best thing that I could have spent money on. PLUS I get free childcare! YEAH!!

4. If you had an all expenses paid vacation, where would you go??
I have to take a page out of Mel's book and go with EVERYWHERE! I feel like I haven't been anywhere. Yes I have been into Canada and Mexico- but barely... Walking across borders don't count. I would love to see Italy, Spain, Egypt, Switzerland, Germany, England, Australia, New Zealand, Holland, China, Philippines, Russia (only in the summertime and even then, with lots of jackets) I want to travel

5. If you had 3 wishes what would they be
Can one of my wishes be a straight shot to heaven? Not just any of the Kingdoms- but the highest of the high? After that I nice ranch style house complete with kids (more than my two boys), animals (horses, chickens, pigs- no goats or sheep), tractors, ATV's, trucks, pool- and money to pay for it all. And for my kids to have a nice long happy life- free of to much trouble and worries.

6. if you could have one type of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Bread. I love bread- I am a carb person. Give me bread and butter, bread and olive oil w/ vinegar, peanut butter, cream cheese, cinnamon sugar. Me and bread are buddies

7. What is one talent you wish you had?
Singing, and to be a better dancer. I can't sing. I can't even pretend too. I can pretend to dance- swing dancing, ballroom dancing- I can do. Give me steps to follow and a bit of time and I can do it.

8. Biggest Celebrity Crushes
Gerard Butler- That man has it all. He sings, he's rugged, he's funny. He is all man. One day I will make him mine... prob after I kidnap him and tie him up in my closet. Who wants to help?

9. If you could look into the future would you?
H- to the YES! Why wouldn't I? I am okay with dying, so knowing that wouldn't bother me. I would love to see what comes next. What my kids look like, what my sisters are doing? How many different countries Devin gets babies from...

10. What made you start a blog?
Okay so I had to head back to my first blog post to figure this out (1st Post). And I still don't know. My best guess- was to record (journal) about my life, and my son. I think I wanted to have a record of it all and since I never keep up writing with a pen and paper- I thought this might work.

11. what was the happiest day of your life? and don't say the day you got married or had a kid = lame

**Sorry- kept thinking about this one and was going to come back to it- then I posted without writing**

The happiest day was the days I had my children. Or more so the day after. Because the day of there is A LOT of pain!- but coming in close second was actually a weekend. My sisters and I got togeather for one last hurrah before kids starting showing up in the picture. This was the last time ALL of my sisters and I got togeather kid-free. We had a blast, I miss my sisters like crazy even though they drive me insane and can't stand them sometimes. I still love them with all my heart and wish they would wise up and move down to AZ because this is where the fun happens (just ask Gert and Susan)

12. top 4 book recommendations

Loved this book- Love this Author

Can't ever put these books down!

You know books are good if you can read multiple times and never get bored

Don't let the slutty covers fool you...They really aren't slutty at all. But they are such good books!!

13. what's your guilty pleasure movie?

Ever want to brighten my day? Put on this movie and bring some chips & dip, ice cream, pickles and dr loving. And I am one happy girl!

14. what's your worst habit?
Short and simple...biting my nails.
15. what golden girl would you be?

You are Rose. There is an innocence about you that others find appealing and endearing. You never judge anyone and never listen to gossip. Your life is based on truth and values and you naturally believe everyone else wants to live the same. There have been times when your heart was too trusting, but you never let these moments change your beliefs. You are the one everyone wishes they could be!

I took two different tests... Didn't think I would be this one, but I never really watched many of the shows to know which one I really am? Your thoughts on which golden girl I am?

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Day 29

A picture that can always make you smile

I love this picture of my boys. They were having so much fun this day playing fort with the quilt that my Grandma Hurst made for me. So full of smiles and laughter.

**Yes I know that I fell way behind- but at least I am finishing!**