Monday, May 16, 2011

5 Weeks Till Summer!

 Go check out Fit Mama Wannabe's event 5 Weeks to Summer .

 Once a week she is doing a giveaway- and picking random winners from the previous weeks posters.
(Yes, WINNERS- could have multiple people winning each week!)
To enter all you have to do is get moving! Go out do something for at least 30min-
then come back and post on her FB wall that you did!

Such a fun way to help get all of our lazy butts up and moving!

So go check out her page and get moving!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Cookie Dough Thief

So last Friday my friend Jennie Raye gave our family a tub of cookie dough. Her husband Logan loves cookie dough, but when he went to Costco he bought the wrong kind...claiming that all cookie dough is the same. And found out he was wrong. So I said I would take it, my boys love cookies and then I would also have an easy snack to make for my nursery. Well Nicklaus saw me making cookies Sunday morning with said cookie dough; so this morning I was putting some laundry in and he walks up to me holding the container and started asking for cookies. I told him no, we can make cookies later and put the dough away. I go to get dressed and I see him running away as I walk back into the room. Lo and behold this is what I found him doing...

No wonder he is such a chunker!