Monday, September 21, 2009

Take The Pledge

Contribute 2009
Contribute 2009
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Buy a Contribute 2009 shirt for $9 (shipping included). Scentsy will send you a $10 Scentsy gift certificate to cover the cost of the shirt.
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Friday, September 11, 2009

Wish I was better at this...

I really do wish that I was better at keeping this updated. Noah is now fully potty trained! YEAH!!! He occasionally still will have a #2 accident, but that is a once a week occurrence. Nicklaus is becoming such a big boy. 3 weeks ago (so just before he turned 5 months) he weighed 19 pounds and was 26 1/2 inches long. And he is starting to get up on his knees and toes, on his way to learning to crawl! That is such a scary thought to think that soon I'm going to have two boys running around my house!
Noah loves his brother so much. Whenever Noah hears Nick fussing/crying; he runs up to him and says it's okay brother, don't be scared. Don't cry. It's really cute. And then he always wants to be the one to hold him while he's crying to. He loves to sit on the couch and give him kisses and hugs.

Noah also has his jealous side too. When I'm playing with Nicklaus giving him kisses or tickling his belly Noah wants his belly tickled too, or Noah has to give me kisses, not Nick. Or if I need Noah to finish eating his dinner I just have to tell him that Nicklaus is going to eat it if he doesn't.

(Noah trying to play guns with Nicklaus)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Vegas Here We Come!

I'm so excited we are leaving Wednesday for Vegas! I'm not sure how long we are going to be in town, but for at least a week. Giving me time to relax and enjoy my family. I have missed them so much and the last couple of times that I've been in town or them here to see me, things have been so rushed and busy I don't feel like I've had anytime with them. Also Mel's long-time boyfriend Justin comes home from his mission in Uruguay. I can't wait to see him and hear him report his mission in church. He is such and inspration to me, everything that he has gone through the last couple of years. You can't find a stronger, caring, devoted man.

Nicklaus has already started teething, which has thrown off his great sleeping habits to getting up at least twice in the night. Nicklaus is also rolling over. He now can roll across the room and wiggle his way out of his swing or car seat if he isn't strapped in completely. He is such a big boy and growing so much. He loves watching his older brother and often wakes us up in the morning just talking or should I say screeching at us. He is discovering his voice and loves using it! He thinks he needs to be held and bounced at all times. He loves his bouncer, and if he isn't in it he thinks he should be bouncing on whoever is holding him.

Noah is defiantly in the terrible twos. He thinks it is hilarious to put people, animals, toys, doors (whatever he doesn't like or hurts him some how) in time out. He is such a strong willed little boy; he is so full of life, energy and love for everyone and everything. He has a little girlfriend named Julie. Julie is my friend Lindsey's little girl. Whenever he sees Julie he runs up and gives her a big hug and kiss. And and when it is time to leave he clings to her or one of Lindsey's other kids and begs to stay. Noah is in love with airplanes and helicopters. His new favorite movie is Toy Story and loves the fact that he has Buzz Lightyear and Woody "underwear" (pull-ups). He is being potty trained and is now starting to get the hang of it! If only we can get his to do #2 in the potty now too life would be great!

In the Campbell family , Collin's sister Courtney just announced that she is pregnant and due the beginning of March. We are all so excited for her and can't wait to meet her little one. She is going to make such a wonderful mother! Collin's brother Spencer left for basic training for the Marines today. He won't be home until the end of October, he'll be home for about 10 days then off again for about a year after that. We are all going to miss him so much. Especially Noah, Spencer is his current boxing buddy and now no one his here that will box with him. So if anyone is interested in that position let me know!

I can't believe how fast this year has gone by! It is already nearing the end of July and before I know it Noah will be three and will be turning one!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 4th Of July

This last weekend the boys and I had the chance to go visit Collin's father up in Prescott, AZ. It was such a relief to get out of the heat and have some time to relax and just enjoy our family. We got up there friday night, and had the night from hell. Noah got sick and since the 2 boys, Collin and myself were all sharing a room, no one got any sleep. First. Nicklaus had trouble falling asleep, simply because this was his first over night trip away from home. Finally about 10 at night i had to just drive around till he fell asleep. And when I get home, i guess Noah had been up because he couldn't fall asleep either. At roughly about midnight Collin and I woke up to a blood curling scream. From the sounds of it we at first just thought he was having a nightmare. I quickly calmed him down and got him back to sleep to be awoken again a mere 20 min later to more screaming. Once I got him calmed down he kept saying he had an owie on his tummy. He was awake almost all night ensuring that Collin and I were also awake with him. In the morning as Noah finally was sleeping soundly; Collin went downstairs to visit with his dad and found out that his milk had gone sour. The date on the carton said the milk was not due to expire but for whatever reason it had.
Hence the reason Noah's tummy kept us awake all night long.
At 10 till 9, we all headed out to go see the Fourth Of July Parade. And for the next two hours Noah begged everyone walking in the parade for candy. And pointed out all the horses, tractors, bubbles and motorcycles. We all had a blast and enjoyed every minute of it. Then it was off to Grandpa Noel's house for a BBQ and visiting.
On Sunday Collin had to opotunity to go play golf with his step brother Matt; while Noah, Nicklaus and I visited with Matt's wife Lisa their new son (Matthew who is 2 weeks older than Nicklaus) and their daughters Kayla and Emily. And go to the park where our kids begged for watermelon and played with water ballons from a father and his children. We had a great weekend seeing our family up in Prescott and we can't wait to go back again in August!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Gram turns 100!

On June 21st, Collin's great grandmother turned 100! We were so luck y to be able to celebrate the day with all of his family. He had family come in from all over, California, Arizona, England and even Japan. We had a blast just visiting with each other and listening to Gram tell stories about her childhood, raising her children and the best part "we all need to do this again next year!" She is such a cute and loving lady. Noah was so excited to have chance to play with his cousins. Dustin and Deegan came in from Prescott Valley, Jack from San Diego and he got to meet his cousin Chase and spend time with one of his favorite cousins Brooke who lives here in town but we don't get to see a whole lot. I also enjoyed meeting and visiting with some of his family that I had never met before including his second cousin Rachel. Rachel also just had a baby boy, born a couple of days after Nicklaus and it is always so nice to be able to visit with other new mom's. Rachel is a first time mom, so it was nice to be able to give her some tips and encouragement. I can't wait to visit and get to know her better. I am very blessed to be apart of such a wonderful family. Happy Birthday Gram! I can't wait to celebrate your 101 birthday with you next year!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Nicklaus Blessing

This last sunday Collin had the opportunity to bless Nicklaus in church. It is always amazing to me to watch my husband use his priesthood. I am so thankful that I have a husband who can and is willing to share those blessings with my family. My parents, sister Mel and nephew Taylor were able to come down from Las Vegas to share that special day. As well as my grandparents from Utah. That alone is a big deal because of all their health issues I know it was(is) not an easy trip to make. Collin's family (who are not members of our church) joined us at our meeting to watch and share with us. I know it is not always easy for them to participate in our church activities but I love them for supporting us and our boys.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

We have been so busy lately in my house. I can't believe how much more is going on by having two babies rather than just one. Nickalus although as little as he is takes up much of my day, just by feeding, holding and taking care of. I forgot how much work an infant is! But I am loving every minute of it! Nicklaus is now smiling and starting to giggle when you talk to him. And today he got to go in the bouncer. He was so excited to be able to sit up and see what was going on around him. And this also helped Noah be able to interact with Nicklaus more also. Noah went around talking and playing with the little toys attached.

Also recently I have decided to become a scentsy consultant. And for those of you who are saying "huh??" Scentsy is a wickless candle. You have a warmer that heats up wax releasing your desired scent. The thing that makes this so different than other similar products is that no flame is involved. The warmer uses a low voltage light bulb so the wax NEVER goes above body temperature and therefore doesn't burn you (or your kids) if you decide to play with the wax. Its flameless, sootless, leadless and wickless. If you want to know more you can visit my site at or give me a call!

And i finally got my towels for tots site up and running too! So now you don't have to ask what i have you can see and buy on-line!
and as always you can always custom order one as well.

Collin is busy with his Attorney4Hire stuff and is now actively pursuing his golfing career. He is playing in a Prescott Golf Tournament next week that will hopefully qualify his for the amateur arizona golf tournament.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Nicklaus Alan

Nicklaus Alan Campbell was born on March 26th, 2009 at exactly midnight. 8 pounds 11oz 21 1/4 inches long.

At his month checkup he already weighed 11 pounds and 24inches long. His two month checkup is coming up and I'm so excited to see how big he is now. Nicklaus has been such a good little baby. He has been sleeping through most of the night, gets up usualy once or maybe twice (except for lately- he thinks he needs to be held or in his swing to sleep such a spoiled little boy) Noah has been a really good big brother. He didn't care or pay much attention to Nickalus at first. But now he tries to play with him and gives his kisses, or his pacifier if Nicklaus starts to cry. Here he is putting mommies shoes on brother,after he got done wearing them around the house