Monday, June 20, 2011

St Anthony vs the Holy Ghost

This is St. Anthony of Padua
Also known as the Saint of Lost or Stolen things.

On Thurs. him and the Holy Ghost went head to head.
I get a call from Wendy (MIL) as I was heading to work- wondering if I had seen her keys...
I hadn't and she said okay I guess Noah and I will keep looking.

When I got home she told me how Noah had found them.

After looking in the kitchen, the living room, the car, the boys room- Wendy starting walking around the house praying to St. Anthony. "St. Anthony, St Anthony- some thing's lost must be found" (or something to that effect)
And Noah said "No Grandma! We need to pray to the Holy Ghost. He will help us and tell us where the keys are"
Noah then prayed and asked the Holy Ghost to help them find Grandma's keys, when he was done he looked at her and said "I know where they are", and walked over to the ottoman, (where Wendy says she already looked) moved it and found the keys.

Wendy needless to say as amazed the Noah knew to pray and ask for help- and that the Holy Ghost was able to help Noah.

I am so thankful to have Noah in my life. He is such an inspiration to me. I am thankful for his wonderful primary teachers the May family; Noah came home the Sunday before church and had not stopping about the Holy Ghost and how if you get your foot stuck in train tracks, pray for the Holy Ghost to help you.
I also am thankful that he know to pray ANYTIME he needs help and not just if his foot is stuck :-)