Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Family Pictures

So I just notice that I never put up the family pictures that we took in October. Collin's brother Spencer just got out of boot camp and we took pictures with Spencer, Courtney and Colton as a surprise christmas present for Wendy.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Not much has changed the last couple of weeks, We had Courtney's baby shower last Saturday. She now has everything she will ever need and more! It looks like she has pre-clamsia now. We are waiting to hear back from the Doctor tomorrow. If she does then it is most likely that Riley Catheryn will be born in about two weeks!! I am so excited to meet her. I have really been starting to get that baby itch again. NOT that I want another baby right now, but just have one to hug and cuddle and hold. I love the baby baby stage, and Nick and Noah don't like to hug and cuddle me :-( I guess they all have to grow up at sometime.
Noah decided that it would be fun to swallow a penny the other night. And when I asked him why he did that he responded "to keep it away from Nick!" despite the fact Nick was already in bed sleeping. And tonight as I was laying Nick down I come back into the kitchen and there is Noah pulling out everything in the spice cabinet "trying to make pancakes". He wanted James pancakes which means that he was trying to dye them red as well. Noah's life revolves around trains right now. And his colors have changed from red and green and blue to james and percy and thomas. lol I love that kid but sometimes he just like to drive me crazy!