Thursday, January 21, 2010

I vow all the time that I am going to become better at this, or that I WILL get on this week and write. Yet I never do. Since becoming a mom to two little boys My life gets busier and crazier everyday. And in those rare moments that I have them both asleep I find myself still cleaning up the house, or cooking, or doing laundry. And on those really rare moments Of quite/alone time I sometimes get to read or sew or do some project that has been sitting and looking at me for weeks.
I have finally finshed one of the biggest projects that I have ever undertaken. Sewing my soon to be born neices bedset. And along with it, TONS of stuffed animals, blankets and soft books. And I know in about 3-4 years she is going to be coming to me to make her new ones and sew clothes for her barbie/baby dolls. I can hardly wait!
My two rug rats have grown up so much. Noah turned 3 in Dec and is now in the Sunbeam class at church. AHHH I have a Sunbeam! It is so weird for me to say that! He loves it though. He can hardly wait for church each week and then as soon as sacrament is over he jumps up and tells me it is time to go play with the kids!

Nicklaus will be ten months next week and ready to walk any day. He took his first step two days ago. Hasn't tried again yet, but I know as soon as i takes two more steps he will be running. Whenever we practice walking he is never content on just walking. He has to RUN.