Sunday, June 3, 2012

No good at blogging

I hate writing. period. I started a blog thinking maybe I would start "keeping a journal" hahahaha just like all the other 20 I have started and stopped through the years. At least with this one if I stop for awhile I can start again and it all be in the same place. So with the spirit of "trying" to keep my personal history I found a list of questions this lady gave her grandmother in a composition book and then years later she received it back. I want my boys to know about me. All the fun, ugly and in between. Ever watch How I Met Your Mother.... Like that, except with my memory I won't be able to give my kids a play by play of every day of my life like Ted does. Anywho here goes.
Question 1. When and where were you born?

Simple enough. Las Vegas, NV May 11th 1984 10:05am
My mom had 6 kids, I am fourth child, second girl; the son my father never had and the one nobody ever told.  The house I remember living in was  2500(??Is that right??) Indian Sage in Las Vegas. When I was in second grade we moved into the house my parents live in now. So essentially I grew up in the middle of no where! The closest kids where some boys, Marshal who was Josh's age and Micah who was Mel's age. Micah came over to play but he was a gross boy. And not just in the eeewww he's a boy, but he would tell us stories the were disgusting and cuss and just not someone my sisters (Devin and Mel) and I liked to hang out with. So a few years later when Tia and Heather Stephens moved in down the street we were so excited!!! Girls to play with. Roller blading for hours (once the street became paved. BEST. DAY. EVER!!!! Watching movies, listening to music and dancing.
Needless to say my childhood was deprived from outside children. I think this is why I have a hard time getting to know people. Growing up I never had to meet people. Thanks mom and dad!

I loved my childhood. I got to learn to do things (like how to carve a pig, lay piping, drive a tractor) that most people never get to do. I got to say my best friends were my sisters and still can say that. I got to drive 30min to school with my brother every morning of my freshman yr of HS. I grew up in Las Vegas; but I am country through and through.