Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The boys do Yoga

So i have been doing yoga and Pilate's for a couple years now off and on. I love it- some times I get to busy and don't do it as much. Since joining the gym I am able to take a class called Body Flow- its a mixture of Ti chi, yoga and Pilate's. 2nd best class ever. 1st belongs to Sh'Bam. (tell you about it later)

Anyways- Sunday my Hurst family came over and I was having my cousin help me out with the crow pose
(Yes Michelle and Gert can do this and look this good) I can hold for a few secs and not look this good.
Anyways the next morning I was trying to get my pose on- and Noah and Nick joined in

The downward dog is their favorite (I'm sure because it contains the name dog in it)

They call this Puppy Down

And Puppy Up