Monday, April 9, 2012

Squishy bath

So my Noah is the perfect mark. Whenever he sees something on TV he HAS to have it. Doesn't matter what it is; oxy clean, ninjagos(? some kind of Lego looking ninja), hot wheels that go on the walls, today he was asking me if we had CLR and if we didn't we could go to Walgreen's and get some.

So when he saw squishy bath he knew that he would love it! So he has been begging me for months to get it and being the awful mom that I am, i refused. Finally he talked Grandma Wendy into getting him some, and it turned out NOT as cool as on TV.

Noah not too sure...

Pretty much you are adding the little diaper jelly absorber things to your bathtub. So all I could think about is that my boys are bathing in diapers. 

They were so excited to get out and rinse off in a shower! 
Now what to do with the other squishy boxes Grandma bought...