Monday, March 22, 2010

Can Nick fly??

Noah the other day while driving down the road, asked me if he rolled down the window, would Nicklaus fly out? I told him no, he wouldn't. Noah's response "But I want him too!" (as he is rolling down the window) Needless to say I have to keep the window lock on now because Noah often wonders if he or Nick can fly. And tried to almost everyday.
I think Noah's greatest desire right now is to become a super hero. And if it was a super hero that rode around on trains that would be BEAWSOME! (beyond awsome for those of you who haven't seen the movie Bolt)

On friday Nickalus turns one. I can't believe how fast this past year has gone! My little baby has turned into a toddler! He is such a little momma's boy. And he give the best kisses and hugs. Nicklaus loves balls and puppies. He has a puppy puzzle hanging on his wall and every morning when I go in to get him he is sitting in his crib pointing at it and saying puppy. Then I have to pick him up and stare and talk about the puppies for a couple of min. He loves his brother Noah too. He looks up to Noah and follows him around all day trying to play with him. His favorite food is pizza and bananas. And he looks and acts like a little chunky monkey. He is just over 25 pounds and last time I measured him he was 28.5 inches long.

Noah starts preschool next week. He is so excited he asks me all the time how many years till he can go to school. So when his girlfriend signed up for preschool and asked if Noah could go with her I couldn't turn them down.

I just can't believe how old my little boys are getting. I am so proud of the little men that they are becoming. How loving Nick is and how strong Noah is. I couldn't have asked for two better boys.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Nick and the food dye

This afternoon while I was trying to finish my late late lunch and catch up on a missed episode of Modern Family. All of a sudden I hear lots of giggles comming from the kitchen. And giggles from my boys can mean that the yare a.having fun and being nice b. Noah is making faces at Nick or c. noah is getting into trouble and nick finds this funny. This time is was d. Noah was helping Nick get into trouble and they found it hilarious.
When I asked Noah why he gave his brother the food dye. He told me "because he asked for it!" Well you can't argue with that logic!