Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Happy Birthday T!!

This is T. aka Peanut

He lives in Las Vegas and I miss him all the time. Today he will be my favorite nephew; partly because 
1. 2 of my 4 nephews don't read. and 
2. My other favorite nephew who lives in utah doesn't read my blog.

Taylor is my first baby. I say this because he is the one who got me ready for motherhood. Who introduced me on how to rock a baby to sleep, how to change a diaper WITHOUT getting peed on as well as how to change a diaper on a wiggly toddler who does NOT want to wear a diaper. 
He taught me the importance of finding those bottles that little kids have a way of hiding. Of putting stuff up high and learning to let go when they do get into stuff that they shouldn't. 
I was lucky enough to watch T just about every friday night for the first year of his life. I loved it. We got to have Auntie and T time. 
He was there when we got to see the first ultrasound of Noah, and the look on his face as he tried to make out if we were lying that there really was a baby in my belly because it does NOT look like a baby. And then he turned his attention to my toes and asked why I had a bug on my foot (my star tattoo)
When T got ready to go to kindergarten I remember think how grown up he is, I can't believe how old and how big he has gotten! Then I promptly convinced him that at kindergarden he would learn how to become a tree because he was a boy and all the girls learned how to become flowers. 
Then once he finished the school year and he still didn't know how to become a tree I told him he had to go back and repeat kindergarten until he learned.

One of my favorite things to do when I go to Vegas is go pick T up from school. My boys and I play on the play ground and then watch and see if we can surprise T that we came to get him. And without fail I am always surprised to see this big goofball of a kid run up and give me a hug! 

Now T is turning 9. 
I look around amazed how tall he is, how smart he is and how my little munchin could be as tall as I am.
How we wear the same size shoe, and how everytime I look at him I think he should only be 4yrs old. 
T I am amazed and that man you are becoming, the heart and the strength that I see in you. I love you and your sense of humor and thankful that both my boys consider you one of their best friends. Thank you for being my favorite nephew who can read in Las Vegas. I miss you and love you more than you will ever know. Happy Birthday from your FAVORITE Aunt (who lives in Arizona)


April Guinn said...

So cute!!! Taylor loved it... Of course he is torn now that you and Mel both dedicated a blog to him... :)

KinderTeach said...

He is growing to be such an amazing young man. I wish I got to spend more time with him and get to know even better. He is my little Bubba