Thursday, August 9, 2012

Noah went to Kindergarten

 This is my Noah. Yesterday he grew up more in one day then ever before. 
He started Kindergarten. 
He is now officially a Titan.

I awoke at 5:30a to this

So I got up got dressed  and we had his requested pancake breakfast.
Then he rushed off brushed his teeth and came back to announce that we were "LATE FOR SCHOOL!!! HURRY!!" Then I reminded him that we had an hour before the gates would even open up for school. 
Finally as 7:15 rolled around I told him we can start loading up for school. He allowed me to take a couple of pictures (but not to many because I would make him late)

 Hence this face

 Here he is outside of his building

Meeting a new friend while in line


Holding a bubble with his duck tails
Walking in to his first day of school!!!
Noah had a wonderful first day of school! He played on the computers, got to see the whole school, went to music class, read stories and even got homework!!

He was so excited for his first "real" homework and I wonder how long that is going to last.

And then when it came time to go pick him up the little mister was supposed to wait till it was 
my turn to pick him up. Instead as soon as he saw my car he raced down the sidewalk
as fast as he could to come meet me!

And to make his day even better we got to go have lunch at his most FAVORITE place ever! 
Native New Yorker.

(I think he like it because there are TVS on the wall)

All in all he had a wonderful first day. 
And mom survived the first day... somewhat.

UPDATE (8/24/2012): 2nd day of school did not go as well as the first. He did get a note sent home for not listening and not following directions. But on a happier note, we have NOT received anymore notes since. 


KinderTeach said...

I am so glad that his first day went well. Of course I'm not shocked at all that he got a note sent home the second day of school.

Mel said...

oh my little noah, all grown up!! makes me all teary